By Ja82

chapter 1

Vanessa weighed 106.2 lbs. She knew this because she weighed herself twice a day. Right when she woke up, and right before she went to bed.

She'd been obsessed with her body for as long as she could remember. Staying thin was her number one priority, and she made sure to always let everyone know just how thin she was. Especially those who weren't so thin.

When Vanessa met Chloe, she knew she'd found the perfect target. Chloe was the opposite of Vanessa in just about every way possible. Where Vanessa was outgoing and vain, Chloe was shy and insecure. Where Vanessa was thin, Chloe was simply enormous.

She'd always been a big girl, even tipping the scales as a toddler. Her weight had gradually gone up over the years, and at only 20 years old now, she was nearing 600 lbs. She knew this because her doctor had helped her onto an industrial scale the last time she'd seen him.

The two girls went to the same college, and Chloe had actually heard of Vanessa before they met. Besides being popular on campus, she was known for bullying any girl who was even a little bit heavier than her. Being the fattest girl on campus by far, Chloe was terrified of running (well, waddling) into her.

Chloe had arrived early to her first class of the semester, knowing she'd need the extra time to explain to the professor that she needed at least two seats. The professor paused and looked her up and down before telling Chloe that she could take two in the front row.

She preferred to sit in the back where less people noticed her, but she didn't want to leave a bad impression on the professor. She waddled over to the front row and plopped herself down across two seats. She realized she was spilling over them, so she shifted herself over onto a third.

Vanessa was the second student to walk in, and her jaw dropped when she saw Chloe. She smiled to herself and walked over to the massive girl, who was quietly reading through the course textbook.

"That's my seat." She pointed to the third chair that Chloe was taking up.

Chloe nervously looked up. "I, uh, they w-weren't assigned..."

Vanessa crossed her arms. "Yeah, well, it's mine. Get up."

Chloe was already starting to sweat. "T-there's so many other seats..."

"And you're sitting in mine. Get up, I don't want to say it again."

The professor was at his desk, flipping through papers. Chloe looked at Vanessa and slowly started to lift herself up. She'd had a big breakfast this morning, which definitely didn't make it easier.

"Having trouble?" teased Vanessa. She pointed to an empty chocolate bar wrapper sticking out of Chloe's bag. "Shouldn't have had so many of those."

Chloe groaned as she tried to lift her heavy frame up. It took her a few minutes, but she managed to get to her feet. She leaned against the chairs for support.

More students had come in by this point, and the class was quickly filling up.

"Such a pig." Vanessa sat down with a few of her "friends" where Chloe had been sitting before. There weren't any rows of three open seats left, so Chloe carefully sat herself down on the floor in front of Vanessa. She knew she wouldn't be able to get up from this position without help, but she didn't have a choice.

Class started, and Chloe's semester had already been ruined. She tried to focus on the lecture but Vanessa made it difficult, teasing her the whole time.

When class finished, Chloe grew nervous after the professor quickly rushed out. She tried to get the attention of some other students who looked friendly, but Vanessa ended up being the only person who stayed.

"What's wrong, piggy? Can't get up?" She stood in front of Chloe, who blushed and slowly nodded.

Vanessa left the room and Chloe started to softly cry. She'd always wanted to lose weight, but food was just too delicious, and exercise had gotten increasingly harder with every pound.

Chloe looked out the window and noticed a rainbow in the sky. She smiled to herself. Normally, she wasn't a superstitious person, but she felt like making a wish this time.

"I wish all the weight I gained went to Vanessa... And all the weight she tries to lose went to me." Chloe laughed, imagining Vanessa's reaction to gaining even just a few pounds.

About twenty minutes later, Vanessa came back. She was holding a few bags of fast food.

"I'll help you up, but not until you eat everything I've got here."

Chloe reluctantly took a burger out of the first bag and started to eat. She tried not to show Vanessa just how much she was enjoying it, and how little of a meal this actually was for her.

After Chloe had finished a few burgers and some fries, she noticed Vanessa put her hands to her flat stomach and groan. Chloe had to admit that she felt much less full than she normally would have after eating that. She wasn't sure yet if her wish had come true, but she started to eat faster.

Chloe leaned back after finishing all the food, knowing that her wish had somehow been granted. She didn't feel anywhere near full. Meanwhile, Vanessa opened her mouth, probably to tease Chloe, and a burp came out.


Vanessa turned red and quickly ran out of the room. A few minutes later, Chloe felt a little lighter, and she managed to slowly lift herself up from the floor. She guessed that Vanessa had gone to throw up.

Chloe waddled down the hallway and passed Vanessa, who was coming out of the bathroom looking much worse than she normally did. Chloe smiled at her. She was very excited for the semester now.
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