Chapter 1 - dear diary

I woke up just as normal as any and every other day. A yawn and a stretch- and hunger pain. At 250lbs by all means I know I need to eat. I poke and prod at my belly while I lay there deciding between what to cook or if I should even cook at all. My belly jiggled and sunk in every time I pressed my fingers in and growled angry at me to give it the attention it needed.

There were too many things to make up my mind. Pancakes, French toast, waffles, eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon all so yummy.. but me being lazy I decided to go out and eat at Denny’s than cook it all myself.

You know you’ve gained too much when all of your clothes dig into your skin when you try them on. All of my cute pants won’t go past my thighs let alone my shelf of an ass. And the sleeves of my shirt are screaming to be taken off, my arms too big for them. Frustrated going through damn near my entire closet for clothes I settled on sweats and a sweater that I’ll admit was already tight against my big belly.

Once I’ve made my way to the restaurant (still starved) I already know what I want and without hesitation begin ordering a Choco-nana pancake with extra chocolate chips and whip cream, no eggs extra hash browns sausage no bacon and an Oreo milkshake. She’s left me a water while i wait and I rub my belly in anticipation.

Soon my food arrives and I’m quick to scarf it down. First the hash-browns, I douse them in ketchup and tobasco; cut up all the sausages small and mix it in with the hash-browns. I eat as if no ones watching me, a few bits fall onto my sweater and I lick it back up into my mouth and wash it down with the milkshake. It dribbles down my chin and neck and I belch a little too loudly for the comfort of those around me. I wipe my face with my sleeve and continue drinking the shake.

My belly’s already become content as I suck up the cookie bits from the bottom of the cup when I had to begin adjusting my sweater back over the bottom of my belly peeping out... I still had an entire stack of pancakes left.
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Theswordsman 4 years
Good story so far