Silver bullets, or how i came to terms with my abandoned esoterica


chapter 1

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Change is inevitable but irrelevant. As time marches forward, humans may seek something new and do things differently, but their viscerae reveals the consistent motivations within. The year is 2032 and the world is more or less what it is when you read these words.

“Isonesia: Enchantment at the Edge of the World.” It was the title of an AWE Documentary beamed onto the living room wall of a spacious luxury villa. The projector played a high quality video for the small private audience watching it.

The documentary showed shots of a vast island with seemingly endless tropical beaches under rich, blue skies and with waves that would make surfers drool.

A soothing female voice uttered in her soulful Australian accent the one word that perfectly fit such imagery - “Paradise.” She was hard to disagree with, as the film then showed a tracking shot on the sands of an exclusive resort displaying a calmer beach, with exquisite bamboo furnishings, innovative bar setup and state of the art olympic-sized pool where she, the program’s hostess sat, legs submerged, with drink in hand - a daiquiri.

“Mmm. I could go for one of those right now,” a similar but slightly more bogan voice blurted back at the film.

The hostess continued: “What took you all so long? An enchanted island like this is everything anyone could dream of. I’m Val Rasmussen, and after stepping onto red carpets, sporting lawns, and the ornate surfaces of luxurious hotels, I can honestly say the shores of Isonesia are incomparable.. ”

Speaking of comparison, the voice on the couch stopped the show right on a frame that made good use of the hostess’ frame. The hostess was a tall, blonde twentysomething woman. A former model as you could tell by her starter hips - they were there, just muted in prominence. Her smoothe, tight skin accentuated her lean but soft frame. Her figure was properly contained in the bikini she wore.

“Wow.”, said the voice of the woman watching. She stood up, approached the image beamed on the wall and stood still and stared. “What the hell happened to me?”, she wondered as she tugged at her tight and too small shirt peeling back from her gut. Her thighs trembled as she gawked at the thigh gap she once had. Her hips and saddlebags damn near triggered her into a violent rage. She caught herself by looking at her bust. “Well, at least my boobs are better”. And they were. “But I will return to you! You hear me?”

An old man grumbles. “Hey! Stop ruining the movie. Down in front!”

She calms down, turns to the projector and presses play on the video.

The Val in the video continues. “I’ve got to slow down on my indulging”, the hostess said while patting her mostly flat tummy.

“Ugh, you skinny bitch!” current Val said.
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