Since i've been loving you

Chapter 1 - back to the beginning

I awake early one morning -for me anyway, letting
my eyes adjust to the patches of sunlight showing through the curtains.I become aware of your gentle breathing and sweep of black hair fanned over the red silk pillow of our shared double bed, watching as you turn over ,exposing your body to my view. I drink in the two heavy goblets of flesh edged with the lace of your silky black nightie, moving my gaze down to the soft round bulge of your tummy balanced by thick but strong thighs. Oh how beautiful you are my darling! I rub your tummy lovingly as I have done many times before, snaking my hand up your nightie and pressing down lightly on your tummy. It gurgles in response. Still you sleep peacefully.Though soon you will wake hungry,wanting breakfast. Until then I snuggle back down next to you and reflect upon your glorious body and the changes brought upon it by sheer gluttony and love. At first you were a skinny little thing with just a trace of womanly curves. To the outside world, food didn't hold much interest to you.But I knew just how much you really loved,craved its rich flavours and textures-particularly rich decadent things like chocolate and cream.You were so disciplined back then my dear,but naughty desires always have a way of catching up with you.
I began to cook for you,making delicious meat and cheese filled dishes followed by chocolate based puddings. So of course you began to gain weight, just a few more pounds crept around your hips and belly,rounding you out slightly. After a month or so I guessed you had gained around ten pounds or so,just enough for your clothes to start becoming tight.As we made love I stroked the beginnings of a belly and love handles,dipped my hand in between softening thighs.
You reminded me of a curvier Lily Munster with your ruby lips and pale complexion framed by long black hair. How ironic that your name is also Lily.The most beautiful flower of them all.You never said anything about your gain,just brought bigger clothes. You took and still take great delight in me rubbing and patting your growing tummy, squeezing your soft breasts, running my hands along the widening curve of your waist. I think this is what you have wanted all along.Someone to pamper and spoil you. I'm glad I'm the one to do it.
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