chapter 1

Julian's long pale fingers slowly run over the machine, patiently adding the right amount of coffee as he allowed himself to fall into thoughts. The university was very peaceful during the summer. Almost no students came to the coffee shop during the day, which gave him plenty of time to consider ideas for his thesis.

"You're also a student in here?" a high voice asked behind him. Right. The customer. "I'm starting this October." She added a bit nervously, as if she was worried he'll think the question was rude.


The espresso was ready. He was about to foam some milk as she stopped him "Ah, no. The skim milk please."

He turned to her. Chubby little thing, wasn't she? But her eyes were large and blue, despite the too round cheeks. Pollyanna eyes.

"Out of skim milk. Sorry."

She pouted a bit, but pulled her round shoulders. "Alright I guess."

The skim milk was in the back kitchen, but it didn't matter now. He tried reminding himself that it's a customer, but as she looked at his face he could she her pupils slowly become wider, and the pout vanish. Soft blush filled her cheeks, and he just couldn't help himself.

"What do you need skim milk anyway? It's not that tasty."

He'll just enjoy watching her face become pink as sunset, and he'll stop at that.

"Amm, well." She did become redder. "I'm trying eating healthy... And stuff."

"Then coffee might be a bad choice anyway."

At this point, he was already hooked. Her expression was a bit ashamed, as if he caught her red handed, but she gave such a brave little smile. He couldn't help but react to the submissive atmosphere she was sending in his direction. Most girls at this point would probably tell him "Well, that's none of you god damn business" and would look for a manager to complain about the barista's attitude problem.

"I know." She said miserably. "I'm not trying to eat healthy, just trying to lose weight."

Her sudden honesty nearly made him laugh, but instead he just continued pouring milk to fume it, allowing his eyes to pass over her slowly. She wasn't very big or fat. Actually, she was quite small. But there seemed to be extra soft white flesh everywhere. There were even tiny gaps in the tight buttoned shirt she wore, allowing him to see a bit of it. God bless chubby girls in tight buttoned shirts.

"Looks like it's not working too well." He answered, turning his back to fume the milk.

"Woah, hey!" she said, sounding more hurt then angry.

"I'm just saying that you shouldn't bother. Enjoy yourself." He poured the fumed milk into the large cup. "Here, have a doughnut. It's on the house." He picked one glazed in pink that matched her face. She lowered her glance in humiliation, but he could see the struggle in her expression. And he knew he is about to win. "See, I even made a heart shape on your cappuccino. So that you'll love yourself and all that shit."

She gave out a short giggle, despite herself, and took out her cell phone. Julian rolled his eyes and went back to work. The fun is over. He heard few snaps as she took the pictures.

"You should take one of mine while you're at it." He found himself saying. "I'm a lot more handsome than that cappuccino."

Before he looked up he heard another snap. As he raised his eyes, 3 other snap sounds were made. "You were just waiting for me to offer, huh?" he asked, amused. She was still very red, but with her cell phone she looked a bit more confident.

"You're so vain!" she said, but kept on taking a few more pictures as she was biting into the doughnut quickly.

The truth is, Julian knew he is considered especially handsome. He also used his looks to get what he wanted. For a while, he was considered as a catch among people that just met him, for having both good look and sharp brain. But later, when they got to know him, "Things balance out because you have a shitty personality." As one of his annoyed friends once said.

"OK, paparazzi time is over." He said, surprised to find out she already finished her doughnut. "Did you even enjoy it while taking pictures?"

She laid her cellphone down, looking gloomy. "I always do that."

Without adding any other word, he picked a new doughnut and placed it on her plate. No one is around to eat it during the summer anyway.

"Wait, no! I really can't. I actually - " she looked down, and then up again, her serious expression contradict her pink glaze smeared face. "I want to study photography here, and maybe one day you'll allow me to take some photographs of you? With an actual camera, in a studio or something?"

"Maybe." He answered. "Eat your doughnut."
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