Spoiling my sweet sierra

Chapter 1 - sierra

My first love was Sierra, and she still stands at the top of my list. We have been dating since high school, and she is an absolute joy to be with. I feel so lucky to have her. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is short, but so am I. She has long brown hair that falls beautifully down her back and ends at the small. She possesses diamonds in her blue eyes and she loves like she eats. Abundantly.

I want to start from the beginning. When we met she was reserved like she had been broken before, and had walls built up as defense. It took quite a bit to see behind them, but it was still hard to read her. About a month into our relationship, I began to feel something was off, like she had been keeping something from me. I waited for weeks for her to tell me. One night, she brought up kinks for a hot topic. I myself do not have much of a kink, but when I heard hers I fell in love with her more. She grew up in a home lacking care, which lead me to understand what she meant by "I want to feed you." She wanted to care for me and treat me like hers. She wanted to make sure I was satisfied and healthy, and that was adorable to me. She is so ashamed of it, but I tried like Hell to reassure her that I loved the idea of letting her feed me until I felt satisfaction. I figured we would see how it went when we moved in together, and in the meantime I decided to tease her a little bit.

Her second love was food, and so was mine. She would eat whenever and whatever which is something I truly love about her. I did the same. I treated myself to whatever my heart - and stomach - desired, which she obviously enjoyed as well. Soon after she told me her fetish, she told me she was surprised I couldn't tell. Now that I think about it, she was a huge enabler and encouraged for me. When I would mention eating, she would want me to eat more. When I would forget to eat, she would ask me to. She would ask me how much I had eaten and what I had eaten; not because she was controlling, but so she could fantasize. She also loved to listen to the sounds of my full belly after we would eat when we would lay down together to fight the feeling of being stuffed. She would rest her head, ear down, on my flat stomach, which I know she wished was softer, even if she says I am perfect the way I am.
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CeReallyFat 5 years
That's just adorable, and I like the back and forth timely change of feeding direction.
Fatffa 5 years
I’m happy to actually see a well written story that isnt plagued by grammatical and spelling errors. It’s a sweet story and thank you for sharing.