Stories and ruminations of the grey man

Chapter 1 - intro, warning this is all introductions. a setup if you will

Stories and ruminations of the grey man
For those who don't know, a grey man or woman, however the case might be, is someone who doesn't stand out. A grey man is a someone who can go anywhere and not be noticed. I am him. I stand somewhere between 5'11'' and 6'3'' depending on who is talking and I'm wiry. A lifetime of hard work will do that to you. Depending on the person, my eyes are either grey or blue and my hair is either blonde or brown. Personally I think grey eyes and brown hair, but I'm also partially colorblind.
The only thing you might be keen to notice is my heavy farmer's tan and red neck, were called rednecks for a reason. This blandness might distress others, not being noticed. I revel in it. I love going places I frequent and hearing someone ask me if I'm new, despite having conversed with them numerous times the week prior. To most people who would recognize me, I'm just the Window guy. I clean windows after all for my job.
I also work in a fast food joint for a night job. Long days, long hours, but bills gotta be paid, so the works gotta get done. I long ago lost myself to the life that is working 2 full time jobs and attending college. Its during this time that I have become the grey man. It has made me age, feel old. Before, I was told I acted like I was 5. Now I'm told its 6. That's when I'm working my night job and I'm feeling like having some fun. I gotta keep my appearances for everyone else as well as my own sanity. Its better than drugs and alchohol, though that doesn't stop me from drinking and smoking.
When I get off, I feel old again and the weight of the world returns to my shoulders. I now remember that I'm only 21.
This hits me as I'm sitting down for my break at my night job. Same sandwich I've been eating for the last 4 years cause it's the only thing that aint gonna make me feel like throwing up an hour later. Same DP with no ice cause I need the caffeine and I don't drink coffee. Gotta have some principles, even if it don't mean anything.
It's a small breakroom with a single table and 3 chairs. There's a girl sitting at the table, shes still new, only been here a week and a half. She's still took my fancy though.
She is just soft. She aint big. She aint skinny. She's got an average frame, a soft stomach with just enough side to grab. She's nice tits and an ass to die for. Maybe I'm biased cause she's a Latina; I always had a thing for Latinas. Even her face is soft with just a hint of a double chin. Even her British teeth seem to add to her beauty. Though that also could be personal preference... Another story for another time.
I sit down, trying to put out my head what I'm wanting to do to her. All I said was hey and such was her response.
'So whered you transfer from?' I said trying to keep up conversation.
'How'd you know? I came from Jackson County.' She'd responded
'Your first day you was wearing a different uniform than we usually wear here, your nametags got a different font than the one we use here, and you know what your doing here. Sorry I can't help but notice the little things, and I've been watching a lot of Sherlock lately.' I was kicking myself. Dammit, I've creeped her out.
She seemed impressed though and didn't say much else on the subject. 'How long have you been here?'
'Too damn long. How long you worked at the other store?'
'2 years.'
'aint too bad. You in school?' I said, damn I hate small talk, but gotta move the conversation somehow.
'Yeah, I just transferred to the school down the street.' Sweet, cause I go there too.
'Thas pretty cool, Im there as well, though I aint get much free time, is just up there for the classes'.
'That's too bad, part of college life is experiencing the college activities.'
I'm well aware, but I just aint up for it anymore. 'Yeah, but oh well.'
There's a pause as we both go about eating. When she finished, she stood up. 'Well, I gotta go My shift ended a few mintues ago, I just needed something in my stomach.'
'Dag, and I was just starting to enjoy the conversation.' Was my reply. That got her to smile abit. Damn, it was a beautiful smile.
'So hey, I'm off this Monday, I don't know if you work in the morning but if you want to get something to eat after I think it'd be a chance to really talk.' I said before I'd thought. She just looked at me funny.
'Sorry, I aint trying to come on to you. Truth told, I just got out a 2 year relationship and I aint looking for a rebound, already had him. I'm just looking for conversation. Good conversation is hard to come by these days.' She kept the funny look.
'Him?' was her reply. I couldn't help but grin.
'Fella had his eye on me for a while. Buck-toothed redneck named Bubba.' Damn was he good, but he wasn't worth dating. Just a good lay and hella creative with his buckteeth.
And that was my aforementioned story for later.
'Just a good time was all. Got my mind off my break up.' I finished. She still had a funny look but it was softer now.
'Sorry, you just got a story about ya. I'm curious is all. I aint meaning to make ya nervous.' I tried to reassure. It worked, or at least appeared to work or she just might have finally processed what I'd said.
'Oh... Sure' a pause 'Then can I have your number?' I thought I saw her blush, but sometimes I'm delusional. We exchanged numbers and she left. That conversation stuck with me though. I looked back at the past couple of years since I'd graduated high school. Only 3 years, but damn if a lot hadn't happened since.
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