Sugar plum

chapter 1

Centuries should have taught her patience. She had all the other advantages dozens of lifetimes of experience had earned her, the subtleties, the ease of the magic, and choosing exactly the right Sugar Daddy. But once she found him, she got excited and rushed toward their dessert. Centuries had not taught her patience.

She sucked on the huge candy cane, one of her favorite parts of the modern Yule. The crowds rushed past her, every now and then one of the livestock would be caught up in her glamour and stare at the beautiful woman they saw there. The eyes were darker than root beer, shocking beneath the pale cotton candy hair. Her clothes were best described as eclectic, lace and ruffles in bright colors and bold patterns like candy wrappers. Her sexy curves managed to show through, ruining the mistaken image that she was just an oddly tall little girl.

Her cupcake breasts were full and perched high enough on her chest so that they didn't interfere with the feminine swell of her tummy. It was her hips and thighs that caught the most attention unless the viewer saw her rounded ass first. The face they saw was young and smooth with skin like purest cream, and it had a sweet innocence to it. Her ripe strawberry lips almost gave a hint that she might not be so innocent, especially with the practiced enthusiasm she showed the candy cane. Almost, but not quite. But those caught up in her glamour couldn't, wouldn't believe that she was meant to be innocent after seeing the delicious curves of her body.

Her patience was fraying. Despite hoping to snare her next Sugar Daddy here at this holiday market, she chomped the remaining candy cane into slivers with teeth that were a little too sharp. She hated doing it,  there was a fine balance between the syrupy sweetness of all the candy she ate and the huge empty calories it carried to her hips. She needed Nourishment, soon, and she was was getting tired of filling the gap with candy.

She felt him, smelled his excitement as she devoured the thick candy cane. She felt his eyes on her ass, heard his enjoyment as she flexed the sturdy muscles beneath a smooth layer of fat. She felt their similarities, recognizing him as a Feeder, just like her. She turned, holding her head at a sexy angle she had learned from Betty Boop decades earlier.

He was older than she liked, he looked tough. It was clear that he kept himself strong, but his little belly showed that he indulged himself more often than he should. He was a good looking man who had been some places and done some things. He was older than she liked, but she felt their similarities. He was a Feeder, just like her. He was a user which meant he deserved to be punished. It also meant that she already knew how to capture her new Sugar Daddy.

"Hi," she said brightly to him. "Would you like some candy, mister? I've got plenty, too much really. If I don't give some out I will probably just eat all of it."

Her new Sugar Daddy, already beguiled, smiled back at the sweet young lady. "Well why would that be a bad thing?" He asked, absently taking a small chocolate bar from her.

"Oh, aren't you too SWEET!" She shifted just a touch, just enough to accent the full curve of her hip closest to him. The motion was almost hidden by her skillful unwrapping of a hard butterscotch which disappeared into her candy-apple lips. "But if I ate all this candy, and this much every day, I would get so fat." Two quick crunches and she swallowed the butterscotch. "And I mean like, REALLY FAT."

His eyes took the bait, secretly looking at the curve. "That's no problem. You'll be a beautiful woman at any size." He didn't look away from her body until he finished the chocolate. When he did look back up to her, his eyes were more focused on her than they had been. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." He accepted the full size Hershey's bar from her and unwrapped it without looking away from the dark cocoa of her eyes. The glamour had taken him quickly.

And now her magic could fill him easily.
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Thanks Hurgon
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Brilliantly written!