chapter 1

Wow, I can't believe I had gotten so lucky.

Let me start from the beginning, as it can be confusing and weird to start at the present time with a immobile 25 year old girl with a buff boy toy and me and my other 2 feeder friends, sitting in a small, messy ground apartment in Malibu, having the fat girl lick frosting off our naked bodies. I mean, I can't really understand it myself.
3 years ago, I was a 22 year old college graduate from nursing school along with my other friends, drowning in debt. Andrew and Andria, twins who are my 2 besties since my freshman year of high school, with my fall chest and bimples. If your friends can stay with you during the bimple stages of life, they can come and ride with you during the perky tits, flat belly and some hips and and a huge ass.
Andrew used to look shitty too, but now he's such a looker. Dark skin, a nice fade, lean muscles and a bubble booty. I would totally date him, but he's gay and I'm the gayest asexual you will meet. We tried dating, but the hole and the screw didn't fit. Sorry, such a horrible fit.
Andria is another story. Matching Andrew's chocolate complexion and dark hair, she's just the thicker version of me. A bit of a belly, more ass and hips, just smaller boobs. She is gay, but prefers to just say, "I'll date whoever whenever.". She's banged everyone in nursing school, even the teachers. God, even Mr. Grey, a old fat man who got caught watching porn during finals in our freshman year. SSBBW porn, by the way.
I think that's how she developed her kink.
Andrew and I learned it the hard way; dating. He progressively hooked up with heaver and heaver dudes on Grindr, finally giving in to his kink when he had a booty call with a 23 year old 800 pound man.
I just dated the boys with a weight on them, eventually going down the path of force feeding. Let me just say, I made the best feeder on the west coast.
Anyway, away from MY personal history, I should get on with the fat girl. God, this girl. I mean, I am ace, but I might just be fatsexual. When she first moved into our shitty apartment, Sara wasn't fat. Just a bit chubby. Not even a SBBW, just Andria sized. But what Andria doesn't has is what Sara blows out of the water. A big appetite, a low self esteem, a slow metabolism, and a addiction to everything greasy, sugary, and unhealthy. Her big, pale belly would grow faster than most, her chubby cheeks would expand and swallow her face. God, I could go one about every single fatty, plump detail of Sara. Now, to get this show on the road, let's take it back 2 years...

---------------------------------- ---------------

Andria picks up one of the boxes and balances it on her wide hip. "How many more boxes?"
"I got the last 2!" Andrew calls from the sidewalk in front of the dorm. He races outside next to me, gasping for air. "Andria's shit, most likely her dildos!"
Andria gives him the look I've seen so often living with them for the past 4 years. Like a look a mother would give a child that looked up a skirt.
"Just put them in the trunk and get in the back!" I yell, entering my beat-up minivan. "We gotta meet the property manager in 4 hours, and it's a 3 hour drive. I wanna start unpacking before this grumpy old man yells at us about rent."
Andria laughs and sits in passenger seat, connecting her phone to the aux. Andrew shoves the boxes in, slams the trunk door and climbs into the back. "I can't believe we're done!" he says, checking his phone. "Keke's pregnant again."
I groan. "Chad the baby daddy?"
"He's always the baby daddy!" Andria chuckles as she takes a selfie. "Do you think there's some cute boys in Malibu?"
"Always!" Andrew and I say.
"Yeah, but some chubby boys. Like, potential feedee type boys. Or girls. Or the nbs."
We all laugh as we hit the highway and Andria turns on some music.
"You know what?" Andrew says after a couple minutes of silence. "We should get a girl."
"Woah woah woah," I exclaim, my eyes widening. "I'm not having sex again!"
"Jenna, you sick fuck!" Andrew throws a empty Coke bottle. "I mean like feeder and feedee. Like, force feed a piggy like we did back in high school!"
Andria and I think about it. "I mean," she says after a hot second. "It would be fun. I could fit in some girl on girl."
"I miss that feeding action," I confess. "Stuffing a girl until she pops."
Andrew does a little gay clap thing. "Yes! I have some ideas!"
"Spill them!"
"We need another roommate to pay for rent right? Well, let's have our little piggy be our roommate, and let's feed her! A little slow at first, just some bigger portions, some fast food, lots of takeout, appetite stimulant, all the works. And when that kicks in-"
"We'll force her to gain the weight." Andria finishes.
We all smile.
This will be fun.
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