The barren queen

chapter 1

Once upon a time a most beautiful princess was brought across Europe to Austria to marry the king. Negotiations had gone on for months between the royal houses. The match had to be beneficial politically. But most of all, she had to be young and fertile to produce an heir and a spare to continue the dynasty. The king's first wife had given birth to a little boy and died in childbirth. Unfortunately, the child was also weak and died before his fifth birthday.
Henrietta got out of the carriage aching and dusty from her days of traveling in the carriage. She was apprehensive about the union. She had not even met her future husband before. She had no idea what her life would have in store nor her. She hoped he would be good and kind to her. She hoped the Austrian people would like her. She hoped she would like the king enough so that she could give the Austrians what they needed. A good strong prince.
As Henrietta walked into the court, no one had seen anyone so elegant and beautiful. Her skin was perfect porcelain, her hair shone in golden waves around her face. She was young, she was slim, she would make a perfect match with the king.
King Frederick was fifteen years older than she was, still handsome in a rugged sort of way, but he already had thinning hair, hidden by a fashionable wig. He greeted her with a kiss on her hand and led her to the throne room where she took her place beside him. Tomorrow, she would be made his wife and queen.
Princess Henrietta was pleasantly surprised. She had been half expecting an obnoxious, pompous old man, who she would be repulsed by, yet still be expected to lie with. Frederick appeared to be kind and respectful as he held a giant feast in her honour.
She picked at her food politely. She was hungry from her long journey, but she could not afford to let the courtiers think she was greedy. She sampled the delicacies that were brought to her, but that was all.
She left the banqueting hall that night satisfied, tired and nervous about her big day tomorrow.
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Jazzman 7 years
Nice Finished Story!
Jazzman 7 years
Bring on the "Food for Fertility " Doctor! Lol
Good writing!