The birthday gift

Chapter 1 - the birthday gift

David's birthday is coming up this weekend, and a big one it is too--the dreaded "3-0". I had tentatively planned a surprise party for him to include all of his most intimate friends and even thought of including some of his former ex's, but wisely ran the whole idea by him because he was acting very quirky these past two months as his birthday date neared. It's a good thing that I did, because he almost pinned me to the wall when I disclosed my intended plan.

With that idea now a faded memory, I am struggling to come up with an appropriate gift to mark the occasion. The latest Electronic toys and gadgets are out of the question-- when something new comes on the market, you can bank on David being among the first to have it. He's not crazy enough to be the first one on line, but, with great certainty, he's sure to be among the first 25 people in the store. He's also very generous; when he bought himself the latest iPhone, he also bought one for me. No, this gift definitely needs to be out of the ordinary.

I tried dropping little idea feelers at breakfast this morning, but to no avail. His preference is clearly to forget this birthday year entirely; he even warned me about sending him a card! He didn't even eat his Rice Krispies with the strawberries I carefully hulled for him just the way he likes it. He just drank his juice to take his vitamins (which he can swallow by the handful; I can barely get my One-A-Day tablet down with the whole glass of orange juice). Two sips of coffee and he was out the door mumbling something about calling me later to let me know what time he'd be home for dinner-- no kiss, no hug. If this was my former partner, I'd have suspected that there was someone else, but I knew with David, it was this upcoming birthday making him a wreck. I had to find a special gift and soon; time was running out!!

As I was eating David's uneaten Rice Krispies breakfast, having already had mine, an idea started to form. Ironically, it was my thinking of my former cheating lover and how different David was that helped me think of it. When I first met Peter, he didn't seem to mind that I was a little on the chubby side. We started dating, he moved in, and everything was going well at first; I was so happy. But when I put on a few pounds during our six months together, Peter became very verbally abusive about the extra weight, and ultimately "dumped" me for a thinner guy. I was very depressed about it as he was my first serious relationship and I was naïve enough to believe that it would be forever. Anyway, after a few months of wallowing in self-pity, pies and pasta, the few extra pounds grew to the point at which you could no longer call me "chubby". I didn't quite believe my eyes when my scale registered 289 pounds. I was very lonely. I didn't date; I was too embarrassed to go to the bars with my new size, and I found that some of my friends distanced themselves from me (or maybe I distanced myself from them). I'm sure that they thought they were well-meaning, but I didn't want to hear how fat I had become and that it wasn't good for my health, and blah, blah, blah. Out of pure loneliness months later, I turned to various chubby dating websites.

David had classified himself as a "nice chaser looking for a nice chub". We met for coffee (and cake naturally) and had a wonderful time talking with one another. Although I was a little bummed at first that talk was all we did that evening, it became clear to me that this was not to be a one night stand quickie. He asked me on a real date (dinner and a movie) and on the third (yes, third) real date, he asked me to come back to his apartment. I won't lie and say that I wasn't more than a little apprehensive heading into his bedroom. Whether it was the fact that I hadn't been with anyone for many, many months, or the idea that I was about to peel off my shirt layers to expose the soft folds of fat that no one had ever witnessed but me in my mirror, I began sweating. David smiled sweetly, brushed back the hair that fell across my forehead with his fingers (much like Barbra Streisand did to Robert Redford in The Way We Were, which is his favorite movie), and slowly began removing my open long sleeve shirt, then the slightly snug black tee shirt which I hoped would help minimize my manboobs (but didn't), fondling and kissing each one. Sitting on his bed with my shirts off increased the size of my love handles which cascaded over my pants that David now attempted to remove, but as the pants were pretty tight on me, I undid them as David began stripping off his clothes. While David looked to be in pretty good shape on our dates, I wasn't expecting his "Chippendale" physique as he stood naked over me.

What has all of this to do with my birthday gift, you ask? Well, I discovered that, despite his chiseled physique, David was very fat friendly, unlike Peter. Not only was my fat a huge turn-on for him that night, but slowly, I found that as additional pounds crept up on me in our almost two years together, David was extremely supportive and attentive, never saying anything that wasn't positive about my size. I so enjoy how he stands behind me hugging me into his body. When I once remarked that if I continued growing fatter, he wouldn't be able to get his hands around my body; his reply was "Don't worry, I'll just have to squeeze you tighter and tighter as you get bigger and bigger."

That's when it struck me! That's my gift! I'll get deliberately fatter for him and let him help in the process. It's special, it's personal, and it may be just the thing to help him snap out of his birthday funk. With this creative burst of energy, I rushed to the computer to design a very official looking award-type document to present to him, declaring him the bearer of a gift of "30 pounds in 30 days".

He wasn't in particularly good spirits when he arrived home that evening. It seems that some people in his office got wind of his upcoming birthday and got together to surprise him with a large birthday cake, the remainder of which was in a box he carried. He said he tried to act as polite about it as he could, but couldn't concentrate on going back to work, so he didn't wind up staying late. I didn't know whether or not to present him with my gift then or not. While we were having dinner, he noticed that I seemed distracted, and being the intuitive person he is, wanted to know "what was up with me". Well, I couldn't contain myself-- I had to give him the present.

David was ecstatic when he opened the document (which I rolled up and tied a ribbon around), remarking that he often thought of asking me about the possibility of letting him feed me with the purpose of getting me fatter, but was too hesitant that it would freak me out. It was wonderful to see the "old" David snap back; he was excited like a little kid asking, "When can we start? Can we start now? Ooh, I have the leftover cake we can use! "

As he fed me the last bite of what must have been almost ½ of a 16" cake, he licked the icing that was around my lips and kissed me, thanking me for giving him the absolute best present ever and making his "you know which birthday" palatable. He smiled his most charming smile, rubbed my belly and said: "You know, next month is our two year anniversary, and then in three months, it's Christmas. I think I know what I would like for each of those occasions."
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