The boss’s daughter

Chapter 1 - the hunt

Well, I was fucked. Two semesters into college and I was already on academic probation. And honestly? I didn't plan on going back. Now that I was a few thousand dollars in the hole, I had a pretty clear picture of what my summer would be. While I should have been catching up with my old high school buddies (and possibly hooking up with a few), I now knew that I would be working off my newfound debts instead.

Finding a job is easy enough if you're a half decent worker and have low enough standards, but the last thing I wanted to do was get back into the fast food business. I may have been a college dropout, but even I was determined not to hit rock bottom just yet. I had to make something work.

My godsend arrived late one night while having dinner with my mother. She had been badgering me about my unemployment for weeks, as if it wasn't the only thing on my mind.

"Michael," my mother started, "if you're still looking for a job, our friends the Senzas are hiring at their restaurant."
I almost choked on my ribs. "Who?"
"The Senzas, dear. They're friends of the family. If you spent any time with us..."
"Yes mom, of course, sorry. You were saying?"
"Peter is cleaning house. He runs a local Italian place, and most his employees are leaving for college once summer ends, and since you're..."
"Sticking around, yeah, I know, I know. I'll check it out."
"Please do."

Despite my external apathy, I was relieved. Local. Thank God. And being half Italian myself, maybe I could finally put my blood to use. Maybe I was slightly less fucked than I thought.

The next day I tracked down Senza's Pizzeria. It was a humble but well kept place only five or so minutes from my house. Once I stepped inside, I was greeted by a dark skinned man of slight stature, his light brown hair slicked back and away from his stubbly face. "How may I help you young man?" He leaned forward across the counter. In response I extended my hand. "I'm Michael Lupo, sir, I was hoping to fill out a resume? I'm looking for a job." Peter's face immediately broke out into a grin. "I have one right here, Michael. Feel free to stay and fill it out. I'm Peter Senza, by the way. I own the place." Even after only exchanging a handful of words, Peter put me at ease at once. I hoped he'd be a tolerable boss. Things were looking up.

Oh boy. Let me tell you. God bless nepotism. Of course, extensive experience in food service left me more than qualified, but having family connections to the Senzas probably contributed more to me being hired on the spot. Peter had also said something about wanting older, more "responsible" hires. I guess a 19 year old college dropout was good enough, because soon enough he was leading me behind the counter into the rest of the store.

It was a pretty small place. Since it wasn't dine in, there was really only the front counter area and then the ovens, freezers, and all the nitty gritty hidden away in the back. As Peter showed me the ropes of the pizza business, I was introduced to my fellow coworkers. Much to my delight, most of them were female. But much to my chagrin, none of them were quite my taste, no matter how cute.

The two new girls who were hired a few days before me were Laci and Madeline. Laci was a tall blonde with legs you could climb. Smooth and pale all the way up. She was thin, but not particularly fit. While her stomach was flat and her arms were slim, those legs of hers had a little bit of padding to them, leading up to a plump, shapely ass. Her tits were DD, I was guessing, and despite her slim build, they were plump and sagging. Mouthwateringly so. Still, she couldn't have been more than 120 lbs.

Her angular jawline, sharp facial features, and large, bright eyes betrayed how airheaded she really was. All sass and no substance, and yet, I couldn't help but find her charming. Although she had a little bite, she seemed to be a sweet girl. She honestly reminded me of a typical blonde, valley girl voice and all.

Madeline, I found, was Laci's friend and had been hired with her. While also blonde, Madeline was dwarfed by Laci and maybe 10 or 20 pounds lighter with a much more athletic build. She wasn't ripped by any means, but her curves were much tighter than Laci's. She had toned, gently curved legs and a tight bubble butt that was practically bursting out of her tights. Her arms were somewhat muscular and her stomach was entirely flat. I could only imagine she was sporting some well defined abs.

Her tits couldn't have been much smaller than Laci's and, like her ass, they were large and perky. Her face was ghostly pale and cherubic, made complete with sultry eyes and an adorable button nose. Her voice was low, smooth, and soft. Worlds away from Laci's. And whereas Laci was sharp and almost birdlike, like a pale, sexy ostrich, Madeline was cute and petite, which almost ran contrary to how sexy her body was. Still, in the lower 100s weight wise, I felt they could both use a little more padding.

The third girl I met was somewhat of a pizza veteran at Senza's, and it certainly showed. Alyssa was thick as all hell. She was short, like Madeline, at just under 5 foot, and had to be somewhere in the 150 lb range. She was considerably different from Laci and Madeline in more than weight, however. Her skin was olive, almost as dark as my own deep tan, and perfectly smooth all over.

Her short, curly hair was the same tone as her skin and framed a strong jawline that defied the rest of her chubby body. I couldn't help but imagine slice after slice of pizza slide past her plump lips as her shift dragged on hour after hour. Disappointingly, however, she really didn't have much of a belly. Her middle was thick and soft, but mostly contained. There was depressingly little flab. I guess she must have at least a rudimentary workout routine to stay decently toned.

Her tits weren't quite as large as Madeline's, probably a C cup, but they were the perfect balance of plump and perky. Her second most impressive feature was her arms; they were huge! An abundance of flab hung down from her biceps, turning her arms into perfectly soft pillows, or at least one could imagine. Her bottom half completely stole the show, though. Alyssa had what one would call a "donkey ass." Twice as wide as Madeline's and twice as fat, I couldn't tear my eyes from it. It was absolutely massive.

Her thighs were similarly wide and jiggly. Watching her walk around the shop was a dream. Holy fuck, she was a goddess. I was getting uncomfortably hard just thinking about how she'd look after a few more years in the pizza business. The southern twang in her voice took on a seductive tone as she introduced herself. I really would have to stick around.

Although Alyssa was a vision to behold, the last girl I met that day interested me the most. She was a mousy girl around 5'4" and clad in glasses which magnified her dark eyes. Her long, brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Compared to my other coworkers, she really wasn't anything to write home about. She was cute enough, in decent shape but padded a little bit all over; it was just baby fat, I figured. Although Peter told me she had been working for him for a few years, she was probably only 130 lbs or so.

Her ass was wide enough, but lacked any plumpness. Her legs and arms slightly toned, and her belly had only a hint of softness from what I could see in the outline of her work t shirt. Her breasts were bound in a sports bra, but they were probably a respectable B cup at the least. Overall, she was pretty average. But it was when Peter introduced me that I felt electricity jolt through me.

"This is my daughter, Elizabeth."

Oh fuck. The forbidden fruit. In addition to my insatiable lust for ever thickening women, I have an irresistible kink for the taboo. Whoever drafted "The Bro Code" must've not have shared my taste because that damned thing has robbed me of many a triste with my friends' hot sisters. While I do value my friendships more than getting off, being prohibited from dipping my toe into the uncharted waters of sexy siblings only makes me want it more. Hopefully I'm not alone on this, because goddamn.

Workplace relationships are never smart, but there is nothing like the siren call of the boss's daughter. I shouldn't, though. Besides, she had a couple hundred pounds to go before I'd be compelled to make a move. I needed this job, after all. Maybe I could have some fun with Alyssa to distract me. This summer might not be too bad after all.
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Lemmon 1 year
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I plan to give every main character a fully resolved story arc, although that will take some time. Alice is more of a side character, but if you guys like her I might do a spin off from her POV!
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Thank you all for the encouragement! I'm also glad to get back to Alyssa smiley We'll have some quality time with her before we return to Laci and Madeline's arc for a bit. I try to give all my characters some spotlight!
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