The curse

chapter 1

"How dare you, you old, wicked hag!"

King Harold shouted at the old woman covered in black robes infront to his throne. She cowered and hissed at him.

"Every day you strike fear into the hearts of my subjects and threaten some curse that worry and distress all of the mothers about their husbands at war! Telling them that the gods will sink the long ships of the anyman that fights for me! And for what? To collect pieces of gold from my enemies!"

King Harold raged at the witch and threw his goblet of mead at her. She dodged it and started to back up to the giant doors of the long house.

"I speak the truth my King!" The witch snears at King Harold. "You are a evil tyrant!"

King Harold stood up from his wood and gold throne and his two guards walked behind him to protect him from any threat as King Harold walked toward the witch. King Harold picks up the witch by her hood and carries her through the massive metal doors of the long house, which had to be opened by four guards. King Harold shouted as he threw her down the stone steps. She hit a landing between multiple cases of the stones steps. She used a mounted torch to lift her self up.

"If you weren't he old sick hag of a grandmother to my loyal thane I would have ended your life old woman! Get out before I change my mind and never come back to this hold again." King Harold yelled at the witch.

The witch pointed a single boney index finger at the King and screamed at him.

"Mark my words, O king: your most beautiful daughter with the luscious blonde hair, the one you would trade into marriage to forge and alliance. She will become a massive plump girl that no man will ever like. She will grow a massive appetites and even bigger breasts. Have a good time with your kingdom now King!"

King Harold laughed and threw a hand back at her. The four outside guards opened up the great doors and he entered the long house again. The doors quickly closed begging him and the witch scream the curse at the giant hull as the hold doors closed.
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