The evil admirer - the gluttonous curse

chapter 1 - graduation day

Liam, an almost college graduate at 22 years of age who appreciated fat people, and saw fat people as beautiful. He was a nice guy, got along with his peers around him, but outside college, he had a major dark side. On that side, Liam loved to make his friends fat, which he has no problem in doing, since he loved food himself. In the past, he was a state champion swimmer, a soccer legend, a baseball star and a basketball freak. Liam was almost 6ft tall and weighed about 145 pounds and he had been a big hit for the ladies, but was in a very rocky, distant relationship with Brianna. He was very close with Rochelle, who had been best friends with Liam since the freshman year of high school.

Rochelle was a fairly plump young woman, she had a fairly round pudgy stomach and chunky & pale thighs. She had a few extra pounds on her face too. Rochelle was a former model until Liam's secret plans to fatten her worked, and ruined her modeling career. After quiting modeling, she had been eating more ever since and she became a plus-size model which Rochelle was very comfortable in doing. She always thought that Liam was responsible for losing her job, but they still remained as friends and Liam repetitively mentioned that she looked better with the extra weight on. She was also 22 years old, 5'7, 145 pounds and plus 30 pounds that she had gained late in her modeling career.

Liam was also friends with Katrina who was nerdy, smart, shy and lived the life of her dreams. She loved food just like Liam but she binged eaten more often. She could get stressed out easily but she would be able to solve her problems with her love of food. She never exercised nor she ever played sport. Katrina lost a lot of weight with her first boyfriend, but when he dumped her, the pounds sneaked up on her and she had put on a little more weight. She was 21 years old, 5'8 and weighed around 155 pounds and was at an ideal weight, although very close to being on the chubby side.

It was the last day of college and all college students were signing shirts and saying farewells to the college grounds. Liam was signing Rochelle's back and he then realises how big she was getting, compared to 6 months ago, she was close to anorexic. Liam had a dream one night that they were in love and he felt a little nervous when they met up earlier this morning.

Liam: Well, it's almost over, isn't it?
Rochelle: Yeah, I hope we do hang out together in the future.
Liam: We will don't worry, you are the most genuine friend I have.
Rochelle: Aww, want to hang out at McDonalds sometime today?
Liam: Sure I'm more than willing to hang out.

Liam then bumped into Brianna, she was recently victimised by Liam's evil side. She was fairly tall but her thighs were chunky, her boobs were a DD (previously a B) and her belly was a big swollen pot. Early in her relationship with Liam, she did not have an ounce of fat, and she was fit and quite athletic. Brianna had been avoiding Liam for recent weeks, fearing that she would get hurt by his words, admitting that she had gained weight.

Liam then bumped into Katrina who was a fairly good friend to him. He teased her about what food he had when he went on a holiday in the past.

Liam: Hey puffball, what's up?
Katrina: Same as usual, a boring day but I'm glad it's over.
Liam: Did you go on a cruise holiday or something.
Katrina: No?! Why?
Liam: You should go on one of those cruise boats, you can have unlimited access to buffets
Katrina: Please don't.
Liam: Oh, how about a pizzeria, FREE pizza!!
Katrina: Damn.....
Liam: Soft serve ice-cream machines
Katrina: No way!!
Liam: Unlimited soft drinks for $50
Katrina: OMG!!
Liam: And a chocolate EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!
Katrina: Please kill me, when will you ever stop tempting me, you are making my figure catch up to me, teasing me like that.
Liam: What are you talking about?
Katrina: Don't worry about it.
Liam: Oh, are you feeling victimized around me?
Katrina: What?! No!
Liam: Listen to me, join me at Maccas in an hour or I'll kill you tomorrow for breakfast
Katrina: -Gulp- Oookkkaaayyy?

Liam felt good after tempting Katrina with food on cruise holidays, he did go on one a few weeks back with Rochelle, where she came home 15 pounds larger. He had never seen Katrina eat before, and he was very curious to know if Katrina does eat like a cow. But every night, he had scary thoughts that fattening his friends would come back to haunt him and he would get fat as well one day.

College was done and dusted, the bell rang one last time and the graduates celebrated. Liam had no time to party, he grabbed Rochelle and he drove off to a McDonalds where he would get discounts, thanks to his friend Paulie.

Liam: Hiya Paulie!! How's your shift?
Paulie: Not a big one today, and hey, you've brought a friend.
Liam: Yeah, she's my best friend Rochelle, we're just hanging out here to celebrate our final day at college.
Paulie: Haha, I chose to work today instead, couldn't be bothered going. Anyway, what are you ordering today?
Liam: Shells, what do you want?
Rochelle: I'll go with a Big Mac Large Meal with extra salt on the fries.
Liam: Alright, I'll have a Double Quarter Pounder Large Meal.
Paulie: Alright, who's that nerd at the door? Is she your friend? She's been calling you to open the door.
Liam: Oh dear, that's Kat, and she's panting!!
Rochelle: Oh, another friend of yours.
Liam: Yeah, I heard she got caught in a Paparazzi earlier and they were humilating her, because of her lack of style and curves. At least you've got curves Shells!!
Rochelle: Oh shussh!!!
Katrina: I think I just swallowed some dead organs!!
Liam: What?! You should've said you are tired and exhausted. Please no scientific talk in a fast food outlet.
Katrina: Fine! Ugh I feel woozy!!
Liam: Ok, what are you ordering?
Katrina: I feel like eating .........
Rochelle: WHAT?!!
Liam: WTF?!!
Paulie: OMFG?!!! 75 chicken nuggets?!!
Katrina: What? 6 nuggets is not enough these days.
Liam: Well I can't disagree with that. I could eat 20, but not 75!!!

Despite Katrina shocking the entire world of fast food and making the farmers angry for no more chickens, they did complete the order, and just minutes later, they found a table and talked away.

Rochelle: How did you go with talking to Brianna?
Liam: Nah she won't listen to me, thinking that I'm going to hurt her when I'm not.
Rochelle: Wow, if I were your girlfriend, I wouldn't freak out as much. Would you ever tell me that I don't look good in something?
Liam: Honestly I would, but that would never happen, you are a beautiful young woman, you have a lovely smile and an amazing laugh. I can imagine anything in my mind and you could fit into anything.
Rochelle: That's so sweet, I'm honestly struggling with my weight at the moment and I love food so much. I wonder why I kept blaming you for being responsible for letting my body go. Maybe it's because we always ate out together, but you haven't gain a single pound.
Liam: I don't know why, I think you look better with the extra weight on, so don't bother hitting the gym anytime soon.
Rochelle: I wish I could kiss you, but you are in a relationship at the moment.
Liam: Yeah, I wonder why Katrina is freaking out? Kat, why the spooked face?
Katrina: I feel threatened that if I didn't come, you would kill me for breakfast.
Rochelle: What? He's just joking. Liam is a great guy, he's someone I can trust, he even invited me to go on a cruise with him. Liam is awesome, I trust him with my life and he is such a nice guy.
Katrina: Okkkaaayyy?!
Liam: Anyway, I'm going to Australia in about 6 months and I'm going to see a concert, it's going to be awesome, only with the both of you!!
Rochelle: Wicked, can't wait to go!
Liam: Yeah we land in Queensland, we go to all the parks and we go to the malls and stuff.
Katrina: On one condition, don't force me to swim, I am quite self conscious!
Liam: Okkkaaayyy?!
Rochelle: So, how are you going to eat all of those nuggets?
Katrina: I'll take the rest home, I eat faster when I'm alone.
Liam: Ok then, anything else you want to do tonight Shells?
Rochelle: I'll meet you at your apartment at 7:00.
Liam: Sure, I can organize dinner if you like.
Rochelle: That'd be awesome!!

The three went their separate ways, Liam received a call from his friend Shannan, asking if he wanted to go to a party.

Liam: Liam here.
Shannan: Hey man, are you free tonight?
Liam: I'm planning to hang out with Rochelle tonight. What's on?
Shannan: I'm just wondering if you both would like to come to my place? I'm throwing a massive party that starts at 10:30 and goes until 4:00 in the morning.
Liam: Sure, why not? I'll be there at 9:30pm.
Shannan: No problem, bye.

Liam freshened up, and he turned to his evil self. While being evil, he would talk to himself, talking about how he can fatten others and trick others. He was focusing on Katrina, and how she can supersize.

Liam: Haha, who should I strike now?
Liam: Let's see, I've plumped up Rochelle, Brianna, Caitlyn, Nikki, Janine, Tayla and Kym. Next should be ........... Katrina!!
Liam: Hahaha, I'll give her boxes of chocolates and cakes!! That's a good start, she loves sweets!!
Liam: Oh wait, DONUTS!!!! I'll stuff her f**king piehole with dozens and dozens of donuts, that will fatten up those cheeks and her ass!! Let's put this on the shopping list!!
Liam: 3 dozens of donuts, 10lbs of mud cake, and 12 packets of tim tams, no, more like a LIFE'S supply of tim tams!!! Terrific!!!
Liam: Uh oh, better get moving, got a phone call.
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