The fattening of melody

chapter 1

Melody was an average 21 year old. She was almost finished with her junior year of college, living on her own in an apartment in the Big City, and had a great relationship with her high school sweetheart, John. Things were going great, as far as she was concerned, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that something was missing. Melody had a secret.
Late at night, after she was done studying, she would hop on her laptop and browse sites dedicated to large women and the men who loved them. Melody wasn't sure why, but she was drawn to these sites and the beautiful women featured there. She would find herself fantasizing about being one of them--a super-sized woman, lavishly fed and fattened to her heart's content, while men around the world adored her.
These fantasies led Melody to take late-night drives to fast food establishments and buy as much junk food as she could think of, rush home with the scents of greasy burgers and deep-fat fried goodies filling her nostrils and her head, and binge. She would eat, staring at the photos of huge women, until she couldn't eat any more. Then she would lie on her couch, supine, her legs splayed and her distended belly rising above her. She would rub it, feeling a tingle between her thighs as she became aroused at her own gluttony.
Melody's indiscretions did not go long unnoticed, especially by John. She was getting softer when he would hug her, her breasts and hips had more give to them and she was developing a tiny bit of a paunch. But John, for his part, also had a secret--he liked it. He had always imagined Melody with a sexy Buddha belly, thick thighs, and a huge ass. But how does one address such a dream? How do you say to your girlfriend of six years, "Hey, I want you to get fat for me," without scaring her off entirely?
So, John watched in happy silence as Melody filled out slowly over the months, and Melody continued her occasional binges and not-so-occasional extra helpings (subtly encouraged by John, of course). By the end of the semester, it was clear that Melody was growing more rapidly, and John couldn't be happier. Melody, however, was starting to take notice, and began to worry.
"John," she said one day as she stepped out of the shower and struggled to pull the extra-large towel around herself.
"What is it, sweetness?" he asked from the bedroom.
"Am I... getting too fat?" Melody looked forlornly at the scale in the bathroom, which had been gathering dust in the past several months. She realized that, subconsciously, she hadn't wanted to know what the numbers would say. Now, something in her stirred as she found herself curious.
John choked back an immediate denial in panic that she would start talking about diets and exercise. This needed to be handled delicately. "What makes you ask?" He tried a different tactic.
Melody came into the bedroom, still struggling with the towel. Finally, she gave up and dropped it. Her dark hair was wet around her shoulders, once sharp angles but now soft curves. All of her was soft curves and round rolls. Her "tiny paunch" had grown into a belly. Her legs met all the way down past her knees, and there were dimples of fat around her hips.
"Look at me!" She said in exasperation, but John caught a hint of something underneath. He had been around the feederism community enough to know that tone. She wasn't disgusted with herself--she wanted validation for this! His heart raced at the possibility, but he knew he still needed to proceed with caution. He stood up from the bed and walked over to her, taking her in his arms. She felt amazing, so very soft all over.
"You look better than you ever have, Mel. I have never been more attracted to you than I am right at this moment, and that's saying something! I love you with curves. I love you with rolls." His hands slid along her arms and down her sides. They paused on her belly, playing with it for a moment. "I mostly love this. My one regret is that it's only a handful." He finished quietly, looking into her face.
Melody blushed at his touch, but she didn't pull away. Instead, she looked up at him, leaned in, and kissed him gently. My God, he thought, even her LIPS are softer! He kissed her back passionately and led her to the bed. He knew now was the time, she was ready.
"Mel, I want to try something. I think you'll enjoy it, but you have to trust me. Do you trust me?" He asked.
She nodded and he laid her down on the bed, her head nestled on the pillows. John walked quickly out to the kitchen and grabbed his supplies. The German chocolate cake they were planning on having for their anniversary party later that weekend, the doughnuts from that morning, a gallon of milk, and the leftover lasagna from the night before, complete with an almost full loaf of garlic bread. It wasn't quite the full feast he had wanted for their first feeding session, but it would have to do.
He walked back into the bedroom with the food on a tray, and Melody's eyes grew. She started to protest and he put a finger up (no small feat with the gallon of milk in that hand).
"Ah ah ah! You said you trust me. Now, my Melody is beautiful no matter what size she is, but I think she would be even more beautiful if she was full. Don't you agree?" John said with an impish smile.
Melody blushed again and bit her lower lip, nodding. "I have a confession to make. Go take a look at my laptop, John. I need you to see how I want to see myself."
John set the food down on the bed and went to the desk, opening the laptop and checking the browser. His own eyes widened when he saw the images Melody had been viewing, and the sites she frequented. "Oh, Mel... I had no idea..." he whispered. "If this is what you want, I want to help. I want you to be the fattest you can possibly get, my lovely little piggy."
At that pet name, Melody squirmed on the bed and giggled.
"Oh, you like being called a piggy? Because that's what you are, Mel. I've watched you grow these past few months, getting bigger and bigger. I've watched you fill out as you stuff your face. I love watching you be a glutton, and now I'm going to make sure we both get exactly what we want." John smiled at her and closed the laptop, coming over to the bed and sitting down by the food.
He cut a huge piece of lasagna and held it out to Melody's waiting mouth, just out of reach. She leaned up to it, but he pulled it away for a second. "Are you sure this is what you want, Mel? To grow for me?"
Melody nodded, her mouth still agape.
"Then feed!" John commanded, shoving the piece into her mouth. Melody had just enough time to chew it and swallow before John was cutting another big piece and feeding it to her. This went on for the entire pan of lasagna and all of the garlic bread, John ripping it off piece by piece and shoveling it into Mel's waiting mouth as she moaned with each new bite.
Once those were devoured, he produced the milk, tilting the gallon so she could drink. Melody chugged a quarter of the gallon, one hand on her already expanding belly as she did so. Some of the milk ran down her chin and onto her bare chest, and John grabbed the discarded towel to wipe it up.
"We can't have you making a mess of yourself just yet, now can we?" he taunted. "After all, my little piggy isn't even halfway done!"
Melody moaned softly and John leaned in to give her a deep kiss, fondling her breasts as he did so. His hand moved to her gurgling, engorged belly, and he started to massage it. Melody let out a low sigh and a groan, then a belch. John put his head back and laughed.
"That's my good girl. Now, we're going to try something different with the sweets. I want to train your body to respond to food, to respond to getting fatter, with pleasure. So while you eat, I'm going to pleasure you. In time, with training, you'll be able to achieve orgasm just with food and fullness...but that will take time, and much more fattening treats."
Melody's eyes widened. She had been aroused by her binges before, but never masturbated to them. This was new. But she trusted John, and she wanted to be fatter. She wanted to be the fattest she could be, and the very thought of that sent an electrical wave through her.
John took out a doughnut, put it in her mouth, and moved his other hand to between her legs. While she ate, he massaged her growing belly with one hand and pleasured her with the other. Melody moaned in near ecstasy as she ate doughnut after doughnut, spreading her legs to give John greater purchase.
When they got to the cake, John didn't even bother cutting it. He just put it in front of her.
"Get up on your hands and knees." He ordered, not unkindly. "I want you to eat like a sow."
Melody complied, more than ready to be a pig. She lowered her face into the chocolatey goodness and dug in. She felt John behind her and felt his hands go around her to grasp her belly rolls, some of which had stretched tight with all the binge eating. She was truly stuffed, but she kept going. As she got halfway through the cake, she felt John enter her. Pleasure like she had never known before washed over her and, with a mouthful of cake, she orgasmed.
It only took him a couple of thrusts to reach his own climax, and Melody was back to eating when he did. She devoured the rest of the cake voraciously through her own orgasm and felt him pulse inside her, heard him groan in pleasure as he released his seed and gripped into her fat love handles, and then spank her ass. She felt the slap ripple across her rolls.
When they both returned to earth, she had finished the cake and John was breathing heavily. Melody rolled over on her back and laid down, arms and legs splayed out like a starfish, her huge belly like a mountain above her. John kissed and caressed it lovingly before joining her to lie on the bed.
"And that, my darling Melody, was just the beginning." He whispered into her ear as he gently caressed her belly one last time.
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