The gaining story

chapter 1 autumn 130 pounds

I'm a girl named autumn who loves video games, books, and movies. One day I was working at retail and I saw this large woman, easily 500 pounds walk up to the counter. She asked me where the fitting rooms were and I just stood there staring awkwardly. (She's so....big and large...she has so many rolls and such plump fleshy thighs.)"Excuse me! Mam where are the fitting room?" Oh let me show you I said. I walked over leading the way but I soon slowed down a bit so she could get in from of me. I watched her huge ass sway from side to side jiggling with every step. Her thighs were like sacks of jello, shaking and jiggling everywhere as she waddled. She yelled at me "What the hell is wrong with you!!!! Are you one of those fat shaming assholes, or maybe a horny college student!?!? Tell me what do you want? Why were you staring at me!?!?

I stepped back terrified as I tried to think of a lie."Come on what's wrong!?' I mustered up the courage to be honest and tell her. "I-i want t-to..." "You want to what!?" "I want as f-fat as y-you...." Her face went from angry to confused. "W-why would you want to be like me...?" "Because I love the way y-your thighs jiggle and sway and I like the way your belly quakes around..." " know what come to the buffet down the street, you know the big one on cord street?" "Yeah I know" "Meet me there at 6" "O-k" I said stuttering. "Now please open the change room for me" She said. I unlocked the room and watched her waddle in.

---6:00 p.m.---

I walked into the buffet seeing her sitting in a booth fit for 6 people. She took up 3 people's worth and I took up one. I walked over to the booth standing Infront of her."Hi" She said excitedly"Hi" I said back. "Sit down, I have something to tell you" "Ok" I said as I sat down on the next to her. "I used to be a ssbbw model when I was a few years younger" She whispered to me. "Is that why you're so big?" I asked. "Yes, oh yeah and by the way my name is Heather" "Hi heather I'm autumn" I said back now calm." Let's get some food autumn." She said excitedly.
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Champ 7 years
Love it! Have anymore?
QuebecFA 7 years
I really love the story so far! I'm looking forward to Chapter 5! :-)