The great british bake off - tenth anniversary

chapter 1 introduction

I’ve written a story featuring the great British bake off tv programme before. It was one of my first stories for fantasy feeder. If I remember rightly, I was not happy with how the story progressed and I thought it just got ridiculously out of hand by the end. However, it was received well by readers and got many ‘likes’.
So, ten years after the start of the programme (my other story was more recent than that), I have decided to revisit the theme.
This story will feature different characters and progress differently too.
I will (like my first bake off story) issue one chapter per episode. However, this will have to be on a weekly basis. As things stand so far, there is only one chapter in the story proper because there has only been one episode aired in the new series.
I hope you enjoy my new story.
Now that’s enough of my rambling...
The rest of this page is a jumble of character simply to fill in the space until I reach 2000 characters!

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