The gut

Chapter 1 - the return

"It's back." The young bride exclaimed, sitting on the edge of the bed squishing her chubby belly between her fingers. "No...not a belly." She thought to herself. "A gut. The Gut. It's back." She cried in a panic.
She'd always been a chubby kid. A cute tubby little blonde always a bit too short for her belly. A belly that she constantly fed with some sort of sugary treat.
She was 6 years old when her bitchy aunt first visited. Her mean old aunt reminded her of a wrinkled raison. And the first thing her aunt did was grab her chubby belly and wiggle it up and down.
"Look at this gut. It's as big as the rest of ya." Her aunt said.
And that's how it began. From then on, she thought of her stomach as if it were something separate from her. A bottomless monster desperate to be filled that everyone referred to as, The Gut. The Gut was always hungry and demanded sugary sweets. The Gut grew along with the chubby little girl until she'd blossomed into a big fat bellied teen standing a stubby 5' 2". And though the rest of her had filled out thanks to puberty, it was her giant gut that stole every bit of fat.
"Don't get too close or The Gut will eat you." The kids teased as she wobbled down the hall.
"Stop feeding The Gut." Her parents told her every time they found her sneaking extra food. "The doctor says you should weigh 120."
It wasn't her parents harping or the teasing at school that convinced her to change. It was the day she hit 240. The 16 years old stood on the scale, stared at herself in the mirror and realized The Gut weighed as much as she did. And as scary as that was, one question frightened her more. What happens if there's more Gut than girl? The mere possibility convinced her to change her bad habits.
It took almost a year of hard work but The Gut had disappeared leaving behind a beautiful 121 pound knock out.
Just a slight little bump of fat in her midsection was all that remained of The Gut, she noticed, pulling her graduation gown on. A reminder to always be careful.
Those first couple years of college kept her busy. Studying, dorm food, parties, late night pizza runs and lots of drinking brought her weight back up to 240 along with The Gut. Once again, the fear convinced her to lose weight.
By the time she graduated, she had a degree and had once again gotten down to 121. Nothing but that last suborned pound left. She'd beat The Gut again.
The next few years passed in a blur. And though it wasn't easy, she'd kept The Gut away through a strict diet and regimented workout routine. She also landed her dream job and fell madly in love.
They'd hooked up in college a couple times but neither of them wanted a relationship.
That was until she showed up that first day of work to find her desk was right next to his. Soon they were dating and eventually engaged.
It was a small wedding with just family, then a 2 week cruise to Hawaii.
It was the cruise that caused her to lose control again. 14 days of enormous meals, buffets and zero exercise had brought back 20 pounds and The Gut. The little bump had filled out and was spilling out of her shorts by the last day of the cruise. Looking down at it resting on her thighs she said, "I'll beat you. I always do."
Easier said than done for the young wife as she settled into her new life. They worked long hours together and made good money so it was easier and (more fun) to try a new restaurant daily. Multiple appetizers, shared courses, desserts and lots of drinking every night. Boozy brunch buffets on the weekends. The massive increase in calories along with a metabolism destroyed from years of yo yo dieting caused the weight to come on fast. And as always, only one thing grew. The Gut.
On the morning of their first anniversary, she entered the bathroom, disrobed and stepped onto the scale. The last time she'd weighed herself it was after the honeymoon last year. She looked down and could just see the dial poking out from under The Gut. 240, it read.
She stepped back off the scale, stunned. "My God." She exclaimed in a panic, "The Gut weighs as much as I do again."
Looking down she saw that The Gut had grown so large that it had split into a double belly.
Suddenly, she felt her husband's hands wrap lovingly around her. He gripped The Gut and pulled her close. He ran his fingers between the 2 large fat rolls as he pressed his erect penis pressed against her ass. Next, he kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, "Happy anniversary Love."
She smiled, moved his hands from The Gut to her hips then bent over, gripped the sink and thrust her ass into his throbbing member. She was getting sex on her anniversary but there wasn't a chance in hell she was going to share it with The Gut. She gasped quietly as he entered her from behind. He grunted louder as the momentum built. Faster and faster he trust. Her eyes closed tight as she moaned loud with pleasure.
When she opened them, she saw it in the mirror. The Gut. Flopping up and down with each thrust. It was jumping with joy, getting as much pleasure from the sex as she was.
She noticed that each belly roll moved at a different pace.
The way the 2 folds started high up the sides of her back and drooped down over her pussy almost looked like a smile. The more she stared, the more The Gut looked like a big smirking, smiling mouth. And the sound of the flesh sacks slapping together snickering. She felt her husband's hands move off her hips and back to The Gut, grabbing it firmly as he thrust deeper into her.
He heard her moan in ecstasy as they orgasmed in unison.
All she could hear was The Gut's mocking laughter growing louder and louder. It was back, as big as ever. And she was terrified.
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Wk23 1 year
Amazing amazing job. I never comment on these things but this story deserves it. It portrays the character struggle in such an abstract yet genuine way, like a children’s tale
Wk23 1 year
More people should give this story a chance. It’s one of the best I’ve ever come across. Kudos to the author