The lucky catch (part 2)

Chapter 1 - a new fantasy

Elle paraded down the aisles of the grocery store stocking her cart full of junk food and fatty meals. Elle was getting ready for a stuffing she and Chris had planned. As she came around the corner in her tight pants and small shirt that rode revealing her belly every time she reached for something on the shelf, she saw her ex-bf Connor standing there shopping for himself. Before she could turn around and get out of there Connor caught a glimpse of the new and improved Elle. "Elle, is that you" he said. "My you've put on a couple pounds since I last saw you" "Ahhh, yeah I got sick and the medicine made me gain a bunch of weight" she responded.

Elle was embarrased, as she got away as fast as she could she remembered how skinny she used to be. How she could fit into anything, go to the beach and not have everyone's eyes on her as she flaunted her fat gut around. Elle was pushing 220 pounds now as she and Chris had continued to pack on the blubber. She had put on close to 100 pounds in the last year and she was proud. As she admired the skinny women around the store she began to fantasize.

She began to think about them with bigger bellies and thighs. Breasts that exploded out of their bras like hers did. She felt like every girl should be a fat pig, oinking around devouring every meal placed in front of her. As she checked out in line she noticed the girl sizing her up. Her belly was hanging out of the shirt for anyone to notice. Elle loved wearing tiny clothes out in public so people could see her monstrous belly. When Elle arrived home Chris was waiting there for her to begin cooking dinner. Tonight was a three course meal including a cheesy lasagna, six hamburgers and fries and a chocolate cake. Elle had gotten used to eating like this. Taking in absurd amounts of food then passing out to turn it all into more weight. But as Elle ate this time she couldn't help but to think about her fantasy at the store. She wondered what Chris would say if she told him. After all this relationship was more about the sexual fantasies than it really was anything else. And another girl. How could he not like it.

She went ahead and told him. Told him about how she thought about other women gaining and how all girls should be fat pigs. To her delight he agreed. Elle went ahead and asked Chris if he would be interested in bringing another girl to gain with Elle. One who was much smaller now but with the help of both of them could become a big fat girl very quickly. Chris loved the idea, his mouth practically watered over it. Two girls to get fat. What a dream come true he thought to himself. Elle and Chris finished dinner. As Chris rubbed her big belly they began to make a profile in a dating website for feeders and feedees. Their situation was an interesting one, but they went ahead and posted what they were looking and some information about them.

To Elle's surprise they had gotten three inquiries by the next morning. All the girls seemed into the whole three person deal and none were already too fat. It was perfect. Elle showed Chris and they began to chat with all the girls to find the right fit.
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