The manual of making piggies

chapter 1

Hello guys and girls. Klicking here means youre determined to change your appearance. You cant regret it now, because your to excited to see whats ahead for you. You have found your destiny if you are:

- a slim girl or guy
- a fit/muscled girl or guy
- a guy or girl with a starter belly who before thought about losing it. Why you gained it in the first place doesnt matter anymore.

Still hooked? I thought so. Have a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Maybe your almost perfect form from social perspective, looking for that extra muscle definition or charm. Maybe your just looking very thin wishing you were more attractive for society. But in secret we all now what you really want, and thats stop caring what society thinks and get fatter. A lot fatter. Maybe you think you arent dopey of all commercials and societys standards. But you are that subconsciously. Thats what we will change. Thats why you have hesitated all this time.

You slowly realise working out doesnt matter at all. Your ambition to look fitter is just an illusion. No one except yourself really care about your own appearance. We are all egocentric in the end.
Let it go. Stroke yourself all over your body. In time everything will jiggly as you rub it. Your eventual craving for endorphines from your past training will slowly fade away and be replaced with cravings for food,sex and bellyrubs.

Aroused? In time your sexuality will mostly be related to food. Thats what you want, getting more and more aroused when eating food and associate sex with it. Maybe your sexual orientation will change as you get fleshier. Remember, your MAIN attraction is fatness itself, not genderwise.

Imagine yourself with atleast 50 -100 lbs extra flab on you. For everyday that thought becomes stronger. Why? Because your brain reconstruct itself to want it more and more the longer time goes by. Not a big eater? Or dont really like eat to much? We all have atleast one food weakness that tastes wonderfull. You now deep inside you have a big craving for it, its just been dormant all this time. Go buy it in your nearest store now piggy.

to be continued
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Fanedfox 6 years
I like it, good start, get them interested, tell them what they really want to hear, let them know how much they really love seeing more fat on their bodies. Go forth, and encourage overeating!
MutualFatso 6 years
ok, a little brainwasher, but i still want to find the right feeder/feedee to get gorgeous with me