The mistress�s revenge

Chapter 1 - preface

The main male character in this story is real. Certain venues mentioned in the story are real. The story is, in fact, up to a point autobiographical... the bits that may seem too far fetched to be real actually happened! Where I will veer from the truth is when we reach the mistress bit. In real life, I never agreed to it and he jetted off to Russia and I never saw him again... or at least that was where he told me where he was going!
I have used this character in another story, I forget which one, but the end result will be very different.
I have had to change people's names here, but if he was to read this story he would know it was about him. Other characters in the story are not quite so detailed, but are also real. I have also changed their names, but they will recognise themselves in this story because there are not many people like my main character!

I make no apology for spending more than one chapter setting the scene before I start getting down to the nitty gritty. You need to understand why my heroine feels so let down by my hero to want to exact her revenge... and she is (I was) let down repeatedly by him.

What can you do with someone when you cannot trust them, when you cannot tell a lie from the truth because their lies are so fanciful and absurd that they may be true?

By the way, this story is set in the mid 1980s. Pre-mobile phones, pre-internet, pre-personal computers. Maggie Thatcher was prime minister. This was the days of my youth. I may be showing my age, but I could not set it in a time with modern technology because modern communication is too quick and easy and would erase some of the doubt, tension and excitement in the story.

Newcastle upon Tyne had and still has a very vibrant night life. Hundreds of pubs are squeezed within a few square miles, all within walking distance. Each pub tends to cater to a different 'tribe' or clientele. It is also very rare to go to one pub and stay there for the rest of the night.

In the time featured in the story, the licensing laws were very strict. Pubs closed at 11.00. Clubs closed at 02.00.

Yet again I have abandoned an unfinished story to write something new. One day I must go back and review all the unfinished stuff.
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