The mystic gains exchange: the monkey paw

Chapter 1 - Prologue

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The crisp autumn air cut through the bustling streets of downtown Ashbury, as the sun cast a golden hue on the brick facades of the charming, historical buildings. Brittney and Chloe, two college sophomores, strolled along the sidewalk, their shopping bags swinging in unison.

Brittney, 5’6 and lean with short brown hair, walked with an air of superiority. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle as she glanced at her reflection in the shop windows, admiring her toned figure. She was fit and athletic, even keeping up with her gym routine all through her first year of college. Weighing a trim 115 pounds, her toned body made her confident strides appear effortless.

"Chloe, seriously, can't you walk any faster?" Brittney teased, turning to her roommate with a smug grin. "I mean, I know you’re not as active as me, but come on."

Chloe huffed beside her, struggling to keep up. Her cheeks were flushed, partly from the cold and partly from the exhaustion of trailing behind her ever-confident roommate. She was just an inch shorter than Brittney, with long blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail. At 175 pounds, Chloe was significantly heavier than her friend, and it showed in her rounded face and plump figure. She wasn’t always this big, but she had never been skinny either. With the freshman 15 turning into 30, the past year or so saw Chloe go from just overweight to bordering on obese.

"We've been at this for hours, Brittney," Chloe sighed, embarrassed by her labored breathing. "I'm ready to head back to campus. Aren't you tired?"

"I suppose. But look, there's one more store I want to check out. It seems interesting." She pointed to a small, peculiar-looking shop nestled between two larger stores.

Chloe raised an eyebrow. That store must be new, she certainly hadn’t ever seen it before. She was suddenly very curious as the two approached.

"Mystic Gains Exchange," Brittney read the sign with a smirk. "Eh, nevermind we can go home. Sounds more like a weird oddities shop. And look at the lady inside. She’s huge! She almost makes you look skinny.”

Chloe's face reddened at Brittney's insensitive jab, but she brushed it off. "Come on, I want to check it out now, let’s go in," she pleaded, leading her reluctant roommate towards the shop.

"Really, Chloe? An antique store? How about we hit the gym instead? You know, do something productive?" She playfully jabbed Chloe in the arm, her dainty finger sinking softly into her roommate’s arm fat.

Chloe's face reddened even more at the suggestion, but she persisted. "Come on, Britt. Just this one last store, and then we can go back to campus. Please?"

Brittney sighed, her impatience obvious. "Fine, but make it quick. I've got a workout to get in before dinner."

With that, the two girls made their way into the quaint shop. Upon entering, they were greeted by an overwhelming scent of musty books and fragrant incense. The dimly-lit store was filled with peculiar trinkets, ancient-looking artifacts, and a myriad of mystical objects. The wooden shelves curved under the weight of the dusty tomes and strange curiosities.

Brittney glanced around with a mix of amusement and impatience, while Chloe's eyes sparkled with curiosity as she explored the tiny shop. "This place is incredible," she whispered, her fingers tracing the spines of age-old books.

"Whatever," Brittney replied, checking her watch. "Just find whatever you're looking for, so we can go."

As Chloe slowly made her way through the short aisles, her eyes scanned the shelves; retro game consoles, film cameras, even what seemed to be candy packed into a vintage metal tin. Her eyes landed on an old, worn monkey paw, its leathery fingers curled into a grotesque claw. Morbid curiosity drew Chloe to pick it up, turning it over in her hands.

"What's this?" she asked, unable to peel her eyes away from the eerie artifact.

The portly shop owner suddenly appeared by her side. "Ah, the infamous monkey paw. It is said to grant wishes, but be warned – wish with caution, lest the twist be your undoing."

“Doesn’t the story of the monkey paw only have three fingers,” shot Brittney skeptically.

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read, honey,” the mysterious woman warned her, piercing her eyes with a glare.

A chill ran down Chloe's spine, but she couldn't resist asking, "How much?"

The shopkeeper studied Chloe for a moment, then said, "For you, my dear, only five dollars."

Chloe glanced at Brittney, who rolled her eyes but offered no protest. With a mix of excitement and trepidation, Chloe handed over the money and carefully wrapped the monkey paw in a cloth before tucking it into her bag.

As the girls left the shop, the sun had fully set, and the streets were illuminated by the warm glow of streetlights. Brittney couldn't help but mock Chloe's peculiar purchase. "Really, Chloe? A monkey paw? What are you going to wish for – the ability to magically lose weight?"

Chloe's cheeks burned with embarrassment, but she refused to let Brittney's cruel words affect her. "I don't know yet, but I have a feeling this paw might just surprise us both."

With the monkey paw safely tucked away, the girls headed back to campus. As the autumn wind whispered through the trees, the ancient artifact seemed to pulse with a sinister energy, promising change and unforeseen consequences.
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Beatlemaster... 1 month
Wow an incredible ending to a fantastic story. Easily one of the best I have read in years. Thank you for the conclusion.
Chasingtruth14 1 month
With wanting to end the story here, that’s basically a perfect ending. Thank you for completing it!
Sketchbook1000 4 months
Technically the story does have an ending, and it's perfect! Thank you for making this and I absolutely loved it!
Chef Feeder 1 month
Ur totally right, but I finally followed through and wrote an ending anyway.
Chuch813 5 months
I’ve given up on this ever being finished lol
Chasingtruth14 6 months
Still holding out hope to see the finale of this
Chef Feeder 1 month
Ty for waiting smiley
Chubbysexy07 9 months
Just counting down the days to enjoy more of this brilliant piece of work xx
Chasingtruth14 9 months
Anxiously waiting for the next part. Wishing you luck in the writing process
LoveMuffin 10 months
I'm hoping Brittney becomes pregnant and even more huge and there is some twist where she swaps back using the last wish or doesn't and makes both Chole and her huge BBW preggos
Ffreedo 10 months
God I love this. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Chef Feeder 10 months
Thank you! Glad you love it. Might take a bit for the last two chapters I want it perfect.
GanDEF2044 10 months
I really loved the story as a whole. Would be awesome for Chloe to get back to her old self, to make the reality hit back for a bit
Chef Feeder 10 months
Thank you!
Mid12324 10 months
When more? Sorry, its just so awesome!
Chef Feeder 10 months
Thanks! And sorry you'll have to be patient with me on these last two chapters
Mid12324 10 months
The update is AMAZING its cool to see Britney enjoying it. I think it would be cool if Brittney attempts a few workouts with Chloe
Mid12324 10 months
but then after struggling, chloe teases her and she gets to a point where she then gets upset if Chloe makes her wait for her stuffing and then the teasing continues.
Chef Feeder 10 months
Thanks! I think Brittney is far beyond attempting to exercise at this point though...
LLP 10 months
Chapter 19 is wow! I'm too busy to be verbose, but wow!
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