The punishment

chapter 1

When Michael got back from his jog, he found Christina in the kitchen shoving chips into her mouth with one hand and spoonfuls of ice cream with the other. Christina, who, had told him just last week that she supposedly wanted to be thin, obviously hadn't heard him come in and was eating like there was no tomorrow.
"Hello princess." Michael said, casually leaning against the doorframe.
The spoon fell from Christina's hand onto the table with a loud clang.
"Michael!" she gasped.
"What are you doing?" he asked nonchalantly. It was obvious he found her situation very amusing.
"Nothing." she answered. She quickly put her spoon in the dishwasher and quickly put the bag of chips away before Michael could see how much she had eaten.
However, she wasn't quick enough with the ice cream. Before she could remove the incriminating carton from Michael's sight, he had seen that it was empty.
"Oh Christina." he said in a tone that reminded her of how her father spoke to her whenever she brought home an F when she was in high school.
Michael came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist slowly moving his hands over her plump belly.
"You say you want to be thin, but then you eat like this." he said fondling her belly.
Christina was trying not to cry. "I do want to be thin! I really do!" she whimpered.
Michael pushed her away from him and she fell to the floor. "You lie!" he shouted.
Christina began to cry, and Michael turned away from her.
"Go upstairs." he said quietly. "I'll be up in a minute."
Christina knew what was coming: her punishment.


Christina walked up the stairs sniffling and wiping her eyes. She went in her bedroom, undressed down to her underwear, then lay on the bed to wait for Michael.
A few minutes later Michael walked in, his worn pair of jeans hanging on his hipbones and a gold chain hanging around his neck.
He looked at Christina lying there with her flesh spilling out in unwanted display. Christina saw him bite his lip when he caught sight of her.
Christina smirked at him. "You pretend to hate my fat, but you love it." she whispered under her breath.
Michael smacked her belly, and the fat jiggled. He then grabbed one of Christina's love handles and pinched it hard until she cried.
He then left the room and came back with a funnel and a gainer shake.
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