The restaurant life

chapter 1

The Restaurant Life

Mary was a 22 year old student at a culinary institute in Texas. She was passionate about the food industry and she was in her second year of a management program with a minor in food preparation. Her best friend Marco, a 24 year old Mexican national was also enrolled at the same school but his focus was a little more on the management aspect and less on the food preparation aspect.

They have been good friends since about the middle of their first year when they kept bumping into each other in classes and around campus. The school wasn't very large so it was easy to make friendships.

Mary was about 5' 6", 140 lbs, with long blond hair and slim with a more athletic physique, bigger bust, small waist and hips and very good looks. She was quite attractive. Her and Marco were not quite the average for the school as the majority of the students involved in the program were at least plump, a natural by-product of being involved in the industry.

Mary was very attracted to Marco, she loved his dark hair and dark eyes and his lean slightly muscular build. She had been hoping to spark a romance with him for over a year now and although their friendship is getting stronger, Marco doesn't seem to be responding to her in that way.

Life goes on for Mary and Marco, they attend their classes, hang out exclusively in their spare time as they don't have any other friends.

Mary comes from a small town in upstate New York where she grew up, her parents have since retired and have moved to Florida and she doesn't get a chance to see them often. Marco is from a small town in Mexico called San Miguel. His mother and three younger sisters run a family restaurant that has been in operation for over 30 years. Marco was afforded the opportunity by his family to get an education that will help his family business thrive and push it forward.

The end of their second year is approaching and Marco offers Mary an opportunity to come to Mexico for the summer so she can get some real world experience in a food environment which she is lacking.

"I'd love for you to come, we have extra room and you can help my mom and my sisters and I with the family business." Marco tells her.

Mary, excited by the opportunity but even more excited by the aspect of spending the summer with Marco and getting to meet his family and see where he comes from. "I'd love to!" Mary responds with a huge smile and glowing eyes.
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Dreamcaliber 6 years
Great story with a nice realistic slow gain done right.
Mdy73 6 years
It is great to read such story. I like the passion for the culinary art. I only hope, that Matilda's weight loss is only temporary :-)