The secret

chapter 1

The Secret - Chapter 1

For all her life, Lily had been taught that being overweight was one of the biggest sins that someone could suffer. In the eyes of her family, it was even akin to murdering someone. And so, she had never gained a single pound over her average weight throughout her entire life.

Even now, as she stood in front of her mirror, she ran her hands up and down her slim, trimmed body, silently praising herself for maintaining such a perfect figure for so long. Her stomach had a bit of definition to it, with her abs finally beginning to show, and despite being slim, her thighs had a nice, fit kind of thickness to them. As her chest was rather small, her thighs and rump were her main attraction. Even her golden-blond hair was perfect, having spent hours-upon-hours perfecting it.

She sighed, finally stepping away from the mirror. Grasping the ends of the slim red dress she had picked out, she slipped it on. It was sleeveless, with a low-cut top that allowed for her to show off her defined arms along with the small amount of cleavage that she had. Just because there wasn't much there didn't mean that she shouldn't show it off, after all.

The sound of a car horn interrupted her musings. Sliding on her new pair of heels, she grabbed her phone and keys and she made her way out the door of her house. It didn't take her long to spot the car awaiting her in the driveaway, and after locking the front door she quickly made her way over. Or at least, as fast as she could go in her heels.

Opening the car door, she slid into the passenger seat and looked over at Jen. Her best friend was staring down at her phone, idly tapping away at the screen. Her friend's dark-hair blocked the view of her face, although Lily knew that Jen was purposefully ignoring her. After a few moments, along with Lily purposefully clearing her throat, Jen finally looked over, faking a look of surprise.

"Oh! Lily, I didn't see you there!"

Jen had been her friend for as long as she could remember. They had grown-up side-by-side, having gone through all the awkward child and teenage years together. Jen stood a little taller than herself, and while her own body seemed to focus more on her lowest aspects, Jen had a perfectly balanced body. Sticking out of the top of her skin-tight shirt, her breasts looked as if they were about to break free of their constraints at any minute. Even her booty shorts left little to the imagination, as Lily was allowed a bountiful sight of her friend's thick legs.

Lily just rolled her eyes, already used to her friends' antics. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. So where are we off to tonight? It's your turn to pick."

"Hmmm," Jen tapped softly at her plump, cherry lips. "I have the perfect place in mind!"

With that, they were off. Jen drove them into the city, and soon Lily was busy looking at all the people walking down the streets. The city here was one of the biggest in the country, and since it was filled with so many different shops and attractions, it brought in people of all different shapes... and sizes.

Even now, she felt nauseous just staring at some of the hideous whales that walked down the sidewalk. Their bellies swayed side to side, with their double-chins quivering as they yapped away. That's not even getting started on their asses and legs. All that fat just bouncing and jiggling about disgustingly. It truly was a sight of horror. She would never let herself become anything like those things.

"We're here!" Jen chirped excitedly as she shut off the car.

Lily glanced up at the restaurant from the car and her heart stopped. It was a familiar restaurant, as they had many branches located throughout the country. She had only eaten here once, and afterwards she had sworn to never return. There was no way that she could ever risk it again...

"Are you sure that you want to eat here?" Lily finally spoke, her voice coming out more tepid than she would have liked. "Surely there is a better place we could go?"

Jen just waved her off, stepping outside of the car. "I want to eat here! It's been years since I last came here. I was watching the TV when one of their ads came on. I immediately knew that this is where we had to go."

Lily attempted to swallow some of the nervousness she felt, but it was futile. She was half-tempted to beg the girl to choose somewhere else but knowing Jen it would never work. Accepting her fate, she slowly made her way out of the car, before slowly following the bubbly Jen inside. It will be alright, she reminded herself. I just need to be mindful.

Stepping in through the front doors, she was immediately hit with a tidal wave of smells. There were so many different smells that she couldn't even tell what they each were, and she soon found herself practically drooling. Mutely following Jen, they were seated at one of the many tables before being told that they could go and grab their food at any time.

Oh yeah, this restaurant was one gigantic open buffet.

People practically ran throughout the place, filling up their plates once, twice, thrice, or even four times. It was sickening how much some of these people could eat, but then again, looking on at their soft, jiggly forms, it really wasn't that much of a surprise. Glancing over at Jen, Lily found her watching some of those people with an indecipherable expression.

After a moment, Jen seemed to finally remember where they were and turned to Lily with a smile. She reached across the table and gave Lily a light push, making her large bust shake violently. "Come on, let's go get some food!"

Watching Jen's curvaceous form leave the table and head off in the direction of one of the bars of food, Lily couldn't help but feel worried at what would happen tonight...
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