The tourist

chapter 1 : arrival

***This Story has a slow start but gets better in Chapter 2! I am hoping to finish this at my own leisure, so expect very slow chapter updates. Enjoy :) ***
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This is nice, I thought.

I peeked over the line of vacationers in front of me and caught a glimpse of the land I was about to step foot on. It was a beautiful tropical island, with towering green mountains and so many plants I have never seen before.

The smell was sweet and damp, but the salty coolness of the rolling waves balanced the air out pleasantly. There was a smaller beach area, less upkept than your regular resort beach, but this was no resort, so that was expected. Still, being on the cruiseship for over a week was enough for everyone and their mother to want to leave the seas just for a while.

I was a "buisness man", which is a nice way for saying I worked 9-5 every day except one day, but I made alot of money. I closed quite a few good deals, enough to set me up for a little while, but for a bit of a cost. My weight, for example. Over the last few years my stress eating had packed on a good 40 pounds onto my 5 foot 10 frame, my belly starting to teeter over what would be acceptable for a "dad bod" - although I have no children. I dont really mind the extra weight, I actually like the extra heft that I have in my step. It makes me feel powerful. My ex wife didnt feel the same way. Long story short, we had too many disagreements and concluded it was time to divorce. That prompted my change in lifestyle, which is why I quit my job and hopped onto this special 2 -week cruise, to visit the places many have never seen. Some of these islands are almost completely untouched by the outside world, which makes the adventure feel very real.

There are tribes out in some parts of the islands that I secretly hope to see. I heard theyve had enough contact with the world to not be a threat, but still, I dont see this group wanting to go out of their way to say hi to them, for fear they may be eaten or something.
I dont really give a shit. I just dont like being around this many people, getting shuffled down the platform like cattle. Only a few more people in front of me and then I am home free. Hopefully there are some refreshments on the beach. I filled up a bit too much at the buffet which is soaking up the drinks I have had, turning my drunkness into only a mild buzz. I burped, feeling the bubbles in my stomach surface from all that rum and coke - not caring about any strange looks shot at me.

My flip flops stepped into the sand.


I start walking over to the crowd gathering at the far end of the beach. Oh good, I see Pina Coladas. My feet try to pick up the pace but it is a little hard to move squishing into the sand with that extra 40 pounds I mentioned earlier. Maybe 45... Jesus, how much did I eat at that buffet? I look down and can just barely see my feet over my belly, which is still pretty full from the buffet but about an hour of digestion has made me feel more comfortable moving around. Oddly, I like the gurgle and slosh that I hear as I move my body around more than it wants to.

By the time I got over, the crowd dispersed. The server seemed to be happy with less people swarming him and he have into my request of an extra sweet, quadruple shot pina colada. It seemed almost syrupy, it was so sweet. But that amount of booze he added was no joke, because only a third of the way in I noticed the start of the swimming head feeling. I can deal with the sugar hangovers tomorrow if theres booze in it.
I slurped at my drink contently as I moved around the beach. There are too many people, I thought. I will head off the beaten path for a while.
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MikeTehCakeBoy 4 years
Please keep going! smiley
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I hope you update this often. Good job so far through chapter 5.
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