The trainer

chapter 1- the personal trainer

Tyler was a young handsome personal trainer who was always admired and chased by the women who trained at his studio. He was 5'10 and 160lbs of all lean muscle. He was in great shape and was a very successful trainer. He ran multiple fitness classes and managed his own studio.

Tyler enjoyed helping others and getting people into great shape, however, he was also the ultimate playboy. Tyler had plenty of women chasing him and he loved every minute of it. He always had plenty of dates and a great social life, he was always either working out or out partying with friends and girls. His work was his passion, although his favorite part of his work, were always the women coming into see him..

He would usually end up sleeping with his clients, as the house wives and divorced women would always take up his early morning sessions, sometimes even in his office with the blinds closed, he was living the dream. Tyler did not make a whole lot of money there as fitness is not a highly lucrative job, but he figured the women he had made up for that.

The women would come, get into great shape, end up dating Tyler, and moving on to other gyms, until one morning a new woman named Meghan signed up to take one on one training with him early in the mornings who he had never met before..

He was instantly turned on by her, as she was in great shape and your standard "hot gym mom" who was just looking for an extra push from a trainer. That early morning session became his favorite part of his day, they hit it off almost instantly and Tyler made a great effort to make the sessions more then just personal training..

Meghan loved the attention, she was in her late thirties, no kids, and divorced. The gym was more of a social event for her as she would go there, work hard, and then hangout with friends from the gym after. She was in fantastic shape and was loving her training sessions.

She began to love seeing Tyler every morning, as his flirting with her made her feel great about herself, as he was in his late twenties (much younger then her). Her confidence and Tyler's flirting led to them becoming more then just trainer and client, as the sessions would often lead to steaming sex in his office afterwards, or a quick blowjob before the session began. They would often go out at night and she would feel like the hottest thing in the room being with him and being able to be the one who left with him..

This went on for a few months and she loved it all except for one thing... he would see plenty of other women, and was not interested in any type of relationship. She knew what she was getting into but as they continued to sleep together, she grew more attached, she began thinking of ways to get him all to herself..
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Pinkbelly 6 years
oh wow, that IS delightful smiley
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
I don't know how I missed this one, but it is excellent! You do a great job of showing an evil feederess and her motivations as well as the changing mindset of her victim.
Aquarius64 6 years
Love it, but much too short! Watch your spelling too.
Beertimes 7 years
It was hot. I love it
JoeJay 7 years
such a great story !!
Johnnyblaze 7 years