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chapter 1

In 2030, America's population had been wiped out by biological warfare from an airborne disease called X Virus. It wasn't pretty, and it was painful way to die. Once someone was infected by the virus, they had unfortunately had about three days left to live and suffer. What was left of America a year after most of the population had been killed off was complete mayhem and chaos, every man or woman for themselves. Gangs were formed by everyday people who were luckily immune, violence ensued and big cities became ghost towns. There was no internet, social media or television and the entire country had been quarantined off while the surrounding countries figured out what to do.

Ariana Freeman looked into the bathroom mirror of the dead strangers' home she had been staying in for a week. She brushed her long, wavy chestnut hair and put the deceased woman's makeup on. She didn't really know why she was still getting ready, there was nothing to get ready for, but it made her feel like things were normal for a little while. She had been wandering around aimlessly for months since everyone she knew and loved had past away, wondering why the virus didn't just take her life too. Because she was a sentimental person, she decided her purpose for now would be to make beautiful memorials in front of each house she stayed at, looking through their cherished things and making them into art.

Ariana stepped on to Diane's scale bathroom scale, she never really cared to weigh herself but at the moment she really had nothing else to do. Her weight was 175. She mused to herself, "mm I still managed to stay chubby during the apocalypse, of course." and grazed her hands over her big breasts and soft tan belly. She noticed the former owner of the house, Diane, was one of those people that probably weighed themselves five times a day...as there were pictures of skinny models on her fridge and nothing much in the house for her to eat. She found some canned items, but nothing delicious like she used to eat. Ariana wasn't really worried about going hungry, there was still an abundance of processed food to eat that she collected on her journey. Even though everything and everyone she once loved was gone, and missed them dearly, she truly never felt more free.
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