chapter 1

"What's time are you getting back?"

"Like 3 maybe."

"Ugh fine. Just please hurry up. I'm super bored."

Jacob heard Alex chuckle on the other end of the line.

"I'm going as fast as I can. See you soon."

Jacob, a 21 year old, fresh out of college decided to get an apartment with his best friend of 8 years, Alexander. He and Alex met in freshman year of highschool as they were both into editing. All throughout high-school everyone knew the two were inseparable. They played the same sports, had almost every class, and we're together every second they could be. All throughout freshman year everyone thought they were dating. This pissed Jacob off because he was definitely not gay. He dated as many girls as he could which wasnt very hard as he was pretty attractive. He did love them but only to an extent. Something always felt missing. On the other hand, Alex didn't mind. He didn't try to date anyone to prove he wasn't gay. He blamed not dating anyone on not having found the right person yet. Of course Jacob made fun of him for it but he really wanted to be content with not having a girlfriend like Alex. Jacob still continued to date girls but never did anything with them. Once he admitted he didn't want sex, they left.

Jacob sighed and set his phone down next to him. He stared up at the ceiling for a few good minuets, before deciding to work out, having nothing better to do.

Jacob was always a lean guy. He played many sports through the his school years though not to his consent. His parents were super fit and health snobs so he was practically forced to be one too. Alex used to sneak him snacks in middle school but his parents always some how found out. He never really minded any extra weight but it wasn't like he had the chance to experience it. He was forced into sports as own as he knew how to throw a ball. He had been so used to eating healthy and working out regularly it was a habit now. If you were bored, work out. That's how it always was for him.

Jacob began running on the treadmill for a half hour before stretching and lifting weights. He lost track of time until Alex walked into the workout room finding Jacob with his shirt stuck to his abs and his hair matted with sweat. Alex couldn't help but frown. It would be undeniably hot to anyone else but it just made him sad.

"Hey you're back early." Jacob said putting down his weights. "No, it's like 3:30." Alex tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"Oh wow, time flies by when you're having fun right?" Jacob said with a cheeky grin. Alex smiled with fakeness. "I was just about to go get some food. Do you wanna come?" Alex said, expecting some bullshit excuse about how he'd just worked out, or ate his planned number of calories for the day already.


The look of surprise must have been evident on his face because Jacob chuckled after grabbing a towel and wiping his face. "Let me take a shower first and then we'll go." Jacob said standing. Alex nodded as Jacob walked past, and imagined him with another hundred even two hundred pounds on him. It was time to finally put his plan into motion.

So this chapter went kind of slow but I promise the next chapters will go faster.
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