Vengeance is fat (preview)

  By PrincessBlurmy

chapter 1

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Lara took her seat on the plane and sighed as she tried to make herself comfortable. It would be a long flight but totally worth it in her eyes. She hadn't seen her sister Diana since she had decided to move to the states to be with her new girlfriend. That had been four years ago.

Sure, they'd chatted on Facebook and shared phone calls at Christmas and on birthdays but Diana had never been the most sociable of creatures and she'd blamed a lack of work as to why she hadn't been able to come visit the family in the following years. For Lara's part she had been busy putting herself through university and simply couldn't afford to be making international trips.

But that was done with now and she had found success as a digital artist, working hard so that she could afford a trip to see her beloved older sister.

Lara spent much of the flight updating her blog, watching the odd film and sleeping. She had hoped that her sister might have surprised her by meeting her at the airport but that didn't happen. Instead she got a cab to her hotel and called it a night after letting Diana and their mother know that she had arrived safely.

She awoke feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep and was eager to get over to her sister's house so she showered and dressed before grabbing a bite to eat at the breakfast buffet and catching a cab over to the address she had saved into her phone.

After a short drive Lara's cab rolled up in front of a rather unassuming detached house in the suburbs. After paying the driver she made her way up the path, she rang the doorbell and shortly after was confronted by an unfamiliar face.

"You must be Lara!" said the mystery woman, wrapping her in a big hug.

"That's me" Lara managed to get out after being released from the woman's bear hug.

"Oh, where are my manners?! I'm Jean, your sister's girlfriend. Come in come in!" and with that she ushered Lara into the hallway.

Lara was struck straightaway by the aroma of baked goods, she couldn't put her finger on what was being baked but it smelled delicious.

"You will have to excuse my appearance" said Jean as she smoothed out the apron she was wearing "I'm just putting the finishing touches to a little something to celebrate your visit."

"Oh, it's quite alright" replied Lara as she took in Jean's appearance. Underneath the apron she wore a floral tea dress and with her shoulder length blonde hair she gave off quite a motherly vibe. A feeling enhanced by the fact Lara would've guessed her to be a good ten years older than herself.

She realised she must have been staring when Jean smiled sweetly at her.

"You must be anxious to see your sister, she's just through here" she said as she motioned towards a door off to the right.

"Diana dearest, we have company!" she called as she opened the door for Lara.
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