Chapter 1 - a hungry waitress

Lucy, a beautiful woman with a small, petite frame, just pulled up to work. She turned the key in her car to switch it off, and sighed. Normally, she quite enjoyed her job as a waitress - pay notwithstanding, of course. That was just the kind of person Lucy was - a kind and selfless woman who enjoyed serving others, even complete strangers. A meek and submissive individual, Lucy never questioned orders, either from customers or superiors. Her kindness shone bright in her deep emerald eyes, but as a result, Lucy unfortunately was often taken advantage of for, but even when she knew, she continued on as if nothing were happening. Yes, Lucy often had to deal with many flirting customers - usually men, but occasionally, a woman as well.

The young waitress slipped off her hairband, and watched her deep brown hair fall slightly past her shoulders, and let out a soft sigh. Normally, she would be happy to be ready to go to work, but tonight, her heart just wasn't in it. Early this morning, on her way to get something for breakfast, she heard a heavy *CLUNK* somewhere around the back of her car, and went to have it checked out. This, of course, took nearly all day to get fixed, and by that time, it was time for Lucy to go to work. She sighed once again at the thought of all the food that smelled heavenly, and the fact that none of it was for her. She glanced up into her rearview mirror to make sure her clothes were properly straightened out. Her rather loose-fitting, white button-up shirt was smoothed out and wrinkle-free. Her black skirt was fastened securely around her slim waist with no danger of accidentally sliding down and showing her panties, much to the disappointment of some of her regulars.

"Oh, well...no sense putting it off any longer," Lucy sighed. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, Lucy opened the door of her car and climbed out. Her restaurant was in plain view - a rather expensive place, but one with a casual atmosphere. As she got closer and closer, she felt her heart jolt to a stop at the sight of a promotional poster, detailing a huge steak slathered in all kinds of sauces and spices, with a large pile of French fries on the side and a large, 22 ounce drink. She tried to avoid gazing at the poster, but couldn't help herself. It looked so delicious! She looked at the poster for a few seconds, and felt her stomach growl very loudly and angrily. Annoyed with herself for not remembering to take in her car earlier for its regular checkup, she tore herself away from the poster and walked in to the restaurant, and immediately spotted her boss, Julia. While she was certain her boss wouldn't mind her being a few minutes late, being quite an understanding young woman, she was curious to see why her boss was there in the first place.

Julia herself was also quite a beautiful woman, but far less modest than Lucy was, preferring to wear more skimpy versions of the waitress uniforms. Her skirt was always much higher up than Lucy's, coming to mid-thigh length rather than to past her knees. Her shirt was unbuttoned at the top to show a good amount of cleavage, and at the bottom to show off her belly. Her hair was a soft blue-lavender, as opposed to Lucy's dark hair that made her fair skin seem all the more fair, and had pale silver eyes. She also had a tendency to stare at her customers from far away, but Lucy was fairly certain that she was the only one who knew; not that she knew why, at any rate.

"Ah! Lucy, dear, I was beginning to get worried about you!" Julia cooed. "Is everything okay, darling?"

"...Just some car trouble. Sorry I'm a bit late," Lucy said quietly.

"Oh, don't you worry about a thing, dearie. Just go on and get to work; some of your regulars have returned," Julia smiled. Lucy glanced over her shoulder, and sighed once again with disappointment. The "regular" in question was a rather bitchy businesswoman with a short temper prone to "accidentally" forgetting to give Lucy a tip. Resigned to her fate, Lucy went about taking the bitchy woman's order, amongst several others at that time. As she walked around, she noticed many of the customers - only the women, in fact - had bloated, distended bellies, many with unbuttoned jeans and undone belts, and several with lifted shirts to better rub their stuffed bellies. At any other time, Lucy would have made note of this coincidence, but Lucy felt herself grow more and more hungry by the minute in the presence of such delicious food and countless bloated women. Lucy looked down at the large plate of food in her hands, and felt her mouth water. Would it be so bad if she...snuck a few fries off the plate? Before she knew it, she had a big mouthful of fries. To her relief, the bitchy woman didn't seem to notice the missing fries, nor did any of the other customers. Lucy sighed once again, this time in relief, as she felt her belly slowly but steadily fill up with her customer's food.

A few hours later, and it was closing time. Lucy slumped down in a booth to rest her tired feet, and for the first time that evening, she felt full. Way beyond full, really - she was stuffed. Alarmed, Lucy looked down at her now bulging stomach. Her loose waitress shirt was no longer so loose around her larger middle.

"Had I really eaten so much tonight?" Lucy pondered, suppressing the urge to belch. "Oof, I'd better get home and rest this gut off..." With a struggle, Lucy forced herself to stand back up, and walk out the front door of the restaurant, failing to notice the intrigued silver eyes of her boss, Julia. Wiping her tongue across her cherry lips, Julia went about her regular business for the rest of the evening as Lucy went home to lay down on her sofa, giving her swollen belly a well-deserved massage.
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IamTheSovereign 7 years
thank you! I'm a little busy/lazy right now, but i'm still thinking of how they'll go ^_^
IamTheSovereign 7 years
There's only one chapter left unfortunately smiley

But I have a few more stories planned!
Silentgrizzly 7 years
Love it keep going!!!Please!!!
IamTheSovereign 7 years
thanks! unlike my previous failure of a story, I actually have a good amount of ideas for where this one is going to end up ^_^