Weight gain

Chapter 1 - the ballooning effect.. my original weight gain..

When I was 18 in high school.. I walked into high school at 200 pounds.. when I graduated high school I was 177 pounds.. I was very depressed that not so much as one girl that I met and anted to date.. actually wanted to date me.. shortly after high school I drifted from job to job until I found a great job called Friendlys.. I was the full time dishwaher there.. and in a years time I found myself over eating a lot of their food.. lots of deep fried food as well as lots of desserts.. how I wound up wanting so many desserts.. I never ordered any desserts of ice cream.. the fountain employees kept making mistakes.. so with no one looking.. l'd eat those goblet sized desserts in a minute flat.. then return to work.. I was averaging about 1 dessert an hour in an 8 hour shift.. by time over a year had passed.. and I quit my job because I was so exhausted.. and never hired other dishwahers.. I was the only one.. and putting in 77 hours a week... I might have made my money but put on a lot of weight as well.. when I left Friendlys Restaurant I weighed 300 lbs.. but I wasn't done gaining yet.. I tried to lose weight and not go to Friendlys to eat.. so I wouldn't get any bigger.. it wasn't long before not only did the new diet never worked.. I never returned back to Friendlys to eat.. but found new places to eat.. and got even fatter faster because of not only what I was eating but to the extent of how much I was eating..For example.. I might have protested against Friendlys, but no matter where I went I would eat as if I was eating for 3 people.. if I went to a pizza parlor and the price of their slices was cheap l'd order 2 pies.. (large pizzas) eat one in the car.. take the other home.. and eat the rest in my bedroom..(the pizza never saw the refrigerator..) if I decided to go to Mcdonalds or any other Fast food joint.. again ordering enough for 3 people.. my fav order was 3 or 4 sandwiches, 4 large fries, 3 shakes and a 20 piece chicken nuggests.. and that would last me for lunch and dinner.. so I didn't have to cook..if I was at home and didn't feel like getting dressed to go eat.. I found ways to eat literally every few hours.. if I had fish sticks.. it was 10-15 fish sticks.. a can of pork and beans,frozen French fries, with mayo and ketchup.. the fish sticks were made into sandwiches with melted American cheese and globs of tartar sauce.. and I also enjoyed huge globs of cold slaw.. (l'd buy the 3 pound container.. and finish it in less than a week).. and if I wanted hot dogs it could be up to 4 hot dogs.. fries, beans,cold slaw, mac salad and potato salad...if I wanted cheese burgers at home.. l'd make 2 cheeseburgers on potato bread buns.. with a slice of cheese on each side of the bread,fries with mayo and ketchup,beans, cold slaw,mac salad and potato salad.. and I'd keep adding sides until I was really really full.. if I wanted mac and cheese.. eating 2 boxes became the norm for me.. l'd add rigotta cheese and lots of grated cheese.. preferably romano.. The highest my weight went up to was 355 pounds.. and l'm only supposed to be 160 pounds at 5-9" tall..so yes I doubled my weight..my waist ballooned from a 36 inch waste in high school.. to 56 inch waste by the time I was 33 yrs old.. and that's my story.. I hope you enjoyed it... learned from it.. and answered some questions you've been asking..
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