When i see a feedee

Chapter 1 - when we met

I was in a gay bar late at night, trying to find a beautiful women. I saw a tall, very thin lady from across the room. I walked to her, trying to act normal. I introduced myself to her and she seemed very interested. Her name was, Gia. She had beautiful, long brown hair. I drove her back to my house. She sat in a chair in front of me. We started talking.
"How much do you weigh, Gia," I asked, sitting across from her, looking into her blue eyes.
"I'm 120, sweetheart," she answered, placing her hand on her belly in an insecure way. She was very into me. I went to the kitchen and returned with a rope and food. I tired her to the chair.
"C.J, what are you doing," she panicked. I didn't answer. I put the food in her face. She turned her head. I forced her to eat it. She looked scared, but also seemed to be enjoying it. As I put the food in front of her, she ate. I looked down and saw that her belly was now bloated. She had a flat belly before, but now it stuck out a little bit. I touched her bloated belly, it wasn't full enough for me. I kept feeding her. She looked up at me and whispered
"I'm really full, please stop." I shook my head and shoved more food into her mouth. Hours passed. I looked at her belly. It stuck out a lot, almost resting in her lap. Her belly got so big that her shit didn't cover it any more. I could see her beautiful fat. With every breath she took her belly expanded and when back down. I put my hand on her belly and forced her to eat just a little more. I felt her belly grow. I untied her and carried her to my room. She was very heavy. I laid her on my bed. She rolled over on her stomach.
"Don't look at me," she said, using both hand to cover her new belly. I rolled her back over and rested my hand on her belly. I felt her breathing. Her belly was tight and soft. I pulled her under the covers and rested my head on her belly. I listened to her belly digesting the food. It was claming. Her belly made different noises, but it mostly growled. Her belly was soft to lay on, like a warm pillow. As I feel asleep I though of what I was going to do to her tomorrow.
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