Why did i trust you again?

chapter 1

Vivi looked down at her younger sister, Lucille, or ‘Lucy.’ She was a little rat, that one. To be fair though, the two grew up in a crime oriented family. So it was expected that they carry on some form of that..’crime’ ability. Vivi stood at 5’9, her sister at 5’4. She pocketed her phone, looking at her sister, who smiled up at her rather innocently. “Gotta go soon, Lucy. You won’t be seeing me for a while,” she lowered herself, “so behave. I’m entrusting my men to guarding you for the time being.”

“But whyyyyyy?” She grinned, clearly enjoying asking pointless questions she already knew the answer to.

“Because some people don’t like Viviane that much, and when Vivi goes away, they might try to go for the next best thing,” she poked Lucy’s shoulder. “You.”

“Oooh,” Lucy drew out her words. “I see.”

A person stepped through the door of the basement, almost all of him was obscured to view. Vivi looked to him. Then back at Lucy.

She walked up to the man. “This is Frigid, Lucy.” Frigid was not his identity, any person could tell from that name. “He will be your watcher for the most part, and will be with you almost all of the time.” Frigid held still.

She leaned in to him, lowering her voice. “You weren’t my personal choice, but you can thank Dasher for this. If you mess this up- if you let harm come to my sister, I will throw you into the river myself.” Frigid seemed to nod; it was hard to tell how he felt about the situation. He did seem to stiffen, though.

“Anyways,” she stepped back. “I’ll be calling you a bit Lucy, and I expect you to answer.” Because if you don’t I will track you down, and throw you into the river as well. Though she left that unsaid, ending off with a smile. She turned on her heels and went to catch her ride. “Bye, Lucille.” She spoke as she left.

Lucy watched her older sister vanish and turned towards Frigid, her so called ‘guardian’ who seemed to stand awkwardly in the room. He seemed to be looking at her, so she smiled. Though it was more of a look of innocence if anything, giving people that fake view of Lucy. A small, innocent teen..nah, screw that.
She stood up, walking over to the man. The guy towered over her 5’4 frame, as she looked up at him. She didn’t seem to pause though as she spoke, rather confidently. “You are coming with me!”

“I would be, anyways.” He said, matter of factly.

Lucy glanced over, almost preparing to exit. “Huh?”

“I said I would be. Viviane gives me orders, so I respond to them.”

“What type of orders?”

“To defend you. Keep you from harm.”

“Would I be able to order you around..if it was about my safety?”

Frigid tilted his head. “Well..”

“If you don’t follow my orders, I will text Vivi and have her come back here! And tell her what you did!”

Frigid didn’t seem to phased by her threats. “What I did?” He asked.

“Yeah!” She put on a pout. “You let me come to harm,” she walked forwards again, “and you know what she’ll do!” Frigid winced. This girl was something else..how long was Viviane going to be gone again?

Still, he put on a false worry. “Oh, there’s simply no need to do that. I’ll follow your..orders.” Whatever they may be, he knew they couldn’t be that bad.

She smiled. “Then let’s go!”

So they went.

They ventured outside. No one bothered Lucy. Mostly because of the guy behind her, giving people a cold stare, living up to his nickname. Lucy directed him into some sort of shabby restaurant. He never heard of this weird place. There wasn’t any signs, either. He supposed it was one of those restaurants where you got a lot of the criminals. The rough edged people.

But surprisingly, there wasn’t anyone inside. The place was small, so there would be that many people anyways. But it was empty..seemed so.

“Ah!” A loud and energetic voice alerted him. “Good to see you here, Lucy! I see you brought that friend you told me of?” Frigid glanced at Lucy. When did she...

“Have a seat, have a seat!” The woman said, directing them to a set of booths.

“Thank you, Lady Sefora!” Lucy smiled.

“It is of no problem, Lucy! And..”

“Frigid.” He kept his answers short as he sat down.

“Mm, I see you live true to your title.” She spoke in a lower voice, before standing up tall. “What you told me then, for the order?”

“Yes, yes!”

“It’s on the house, then!” Sefora vanished.

“Who is that?” Frigid leaned forwards.

“She is a friend of mine.” Lucy whispered, leaning forwards as well. Frigid stared at her before sitting back as the owner came back, serving them the food. There was a lot of it..Lucy herself couldn’t eat that much alone, so she must be planning to take it for leftovers, Frigid guessed.

Sefora turned around, heading off. “I will leave you to enjoy your food! Call if you need!” She went into the back.

Lucy sat opposite from him. She stayed silent, unmoving. And then she spoke.

“Can you make sure it’s safe?” Lucy asked. “Just, like, eat a bit.”

Frigid crossed his arms. “I can’t show my..”

“I know you can’t, which is why I won’t look!” Lucy covered her eyes. “See? Or I don’t see, but you can, right?”

Frigid seemed to study her before sighing. “Okay.”

Lucy kept her eyes closed. Frigid began to eat, only a little bit however, as Lucy ‘seemed’ to instruct. Lucy turned away, opening her eyes. She looked in the opposite direction.

After half a minute, Frigid stopped. “It’s alright.” And..delicious. “Not poison. Also safe to look back.”

“Ah..” Frigid lifted his head. “I’m not that hungry anymore, actually..”

He turned his head, hearing Sefora. “The storage is broken, damnit!” This seemed all too odd..

“..but I don’t want to waste food, either.” She turned around, sticking her bottom lip out. “So this is a gift from me to you, you can have it all..”

Frigid blinked. He couldn’t possibly eat that much. He rarely ate that much, either. But the food itself was pretty good..but probably not that healthy, either.

“I..uh..I can’t..”

She held up her phone. “I’ll call Vivi back!”

Frigid looked down, thinking. Not this again. But Lucy could be serious, and considering how much Vivi cared about Lucy..

I mean, how bad could all this be? He was sure it just looked like a lot of food was there, not in reality..

oh how wrong he was.

“Alright, fine.”
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