Will's desires

  By Kittenandbear

Chapter One: Shadows and Sanctuary

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Female Transformation and Weight Gain | Magic | Romance

Hello everyone 😊,
this is my first story here! The story is going to be a bit longer and i have lot’s of chapters to publish. This is going to be a first taste. It’s going to be kind of a slow burner, but it will be worth the read. The story is going to get really spicy with a twist in shapes and sizes and lots of growth and gain. If you know what i mean 😅.

Thank you all so much for the recent feedback 🥰

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Much love and have fun ❤️


As I pulled down the creaky metal shutter of the DnD shop, the dim streetlights flickered on, casting long shadows across the cracked pavement. The evening air was crisp, and I could feel the cool breeze against my bony arms through my worn, oversized hoodie. Despite my broad shoulders, the hoodie draped loosely, accentuating my angular frame rather than hiding it. I sighed, a mix of satisfaction and weariness washing over me after a long day of engaging with fellow nerds who shared my love for intricate storytelling and fantastical worlds.

The shop, nestled in the heart of downtown, was my sanctuary. It was a cozy, cluttered haven filled with the scent of old books and new dice sets. Shelves lined the walls, crammed with manuals, figurines, and maps, each one a portal to a different universe. This place was more than just a job to me; it was my passion. I spent my days guiding excited customers through character creation, debating the merits of various classes, and organizing epic campaigns that spanned months.

As I locked up, my thoughts drifted to Will. My husband, my rock. He was the complete opposite of me in so many ways. Where I was all sharp angles and restless energy, he was round and calm, a comforting presence that grounded me. Will worked at a programming company, a quiet, steady job that suited his gentle nature. He was content with the simple things in life, never desiring more than he had, which made finding gifts for him an almost impossible task.

I pulled my messenger bag over my shoulder, the weight of my latest DnD manual pressing reassuringly against my hip, and started the short walk home. The streets were relatively empty, the occasional car passing by with a soft whoosh. I loved this time of night when the city seemed to exhale, a rare moment of peace before the hustle of the next day began.

Home was a modest apartment a few blocks away, the building's façade weathered but welcoming. The brickwork, though chipped in places, exuded a charm that spoke of years of stories and lives intertwined. Each crack in the pavement, each rusted fire escape, told its own tale.

I climbed the stairs, my footsteps echoing in the quiet stairwell, and fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door. The familiar scent of Will's cooking greeted me, warm and inviting. It was a blend of savory herbs and the sweet tang of tomatoes, a combination that always made my mouth water.

"Hey, Ness," he called from the kitchen, his voice a soothing rumble that always made me smile. "Dinner's almost ready."

I walked in, dropping my bag by the door and making my way to the kitchen. Will stood by the stove, his broad back to me, stirring something in a large pot. He turned to smile at me, his round face lit up with genuine warmth. His belly protruded slightly over the waistband of his sweatpants, a testament to his love for my baking and his own culinary experiments.

"Smells amazing," I said, wrapping my arms around his middle from behind, feeling the softness of his belly under my hands. It was a sharp contrast to my own bony frame, but it was a contrast I cherished. He patted my hand affectionately, his touch gentle and reassuring.

"Just some stew," he said modestly. "How was work?"

"Busy," I replied, resting my chin on his shoulder. "But good. Sold out of the new expansion set already. And Kevin finally beat the dragon in his campaign. It was epic."

Will chuckled, the sound deep and rumbling. "Sounds like a good day."

I nodded, enjoying the simple pleasure of being close to him. Despite our physical differences, we fit together perfectly, each of us complementing the other in ways that mattered most. He turned off the stove and we sat down to eat, the small kitchen table barely big enough for the two of us and our plates.

As we ate, we talked about our days, our voices mingling with the clink of cutlery and the hum of the fridge. I told him about the new customers, the latest shop gossip, and my plans for the next campaign. He listened with quiet interest, occasionally asking questions or offering his own insights. His world might be different from mine, filled with code and algorithms rather than dragons and wizards, but he always made an effort to understand my passions.

"Any interesting characters today?" Will asked, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

"Yeah," I said, leaning back in my chair. "There was this one kid, first-time player, but you could see the spark, you know? He created this rogue with a tragic backstory. Reminded me of my first character."

Will smiled. "I remember. You used to talk about him all the time."

After dinner, we settled on the couch, me with a book and Will with his laptop. The soft glow of the screens and the gentle hum of the city outside created a cocoon of comfort. I glanced at him, his eyes focused on the screen, a small smile playing on his lips. He was content, and that made me happy.

As the night deepened, the city's noise faded into a distant murmur. I felt a profound sense of peace. The world outside might be filled with chaos, but in our little apartment, everything was perfect. I knew that no matter what challenges awaited us, we would face them together, just as we always had.

"Goodnight, Will," I whispered, closing my book.

"Goodnight, Ness," he replied, his voice soft and filled with love. "I love you."

"I love you too," I said, feeling the warmth of his words wrap around me like a blanket.

With that, we drifted off to sleep, the city outside continuing its eternal dance, while we found solace in each other's arms.
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Silverhorse88 2 weeks
Amazingly done…love that you just set up SOO much future potential here. I love love love it!!!
Kittenandbear 1 week
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me ❤
Bcain 2 weeks
I also like how the picture has updated with the storyline ha. It’s a fun touch.
Kittenandbear 2 weeks
Thank you 😍, i would like to insert them in each chapter, but I don’t know how. Maybe I am going to illustrate every chapter and release it at an audio-visual novel on YouTube.
Fbuucgk 2 weeks
I'm glad I found this. I almost didn't read it, from the picture I thought the roles were reversed. That wouldn't have been my thing. But great story as it is! Did you write it yourself or found it?
Kittenandbear 2 weeks
Thank you so much! I am glad you found it. I will update the pictures and description so it's clearer what kind of story this is. I wrote the story myself 🥰
Silverhorse88 2 weeks
You write beautifully, I love this story. The descriptions, pacing, and premise are great!!!
Kittenandbear 2 weeks
Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it 😍
Theswordsman 3 weeks
Love the story but I wonder how big she's going to get
Kittenandbear 2 weeks
That means a lot to me 🥰! The story is called Wills desires. What kind of uncontrollable desires do you have 🥵. Imagine they would manifest and you couldn't controll them.
Bcain 3 weeks
Nice work so far! Very detailed descriptions of settings and fleshed out characters which makes me invested in whats happening to them. Excited to see where it goes from here, keep up the good work!
Kittenandbear 2 weeks
Thank you so, so, so, so much 🥰! That means a lot to me! You have written some of my favorite stories of all time 😍. I love "Emilys ability". I devoured the whole story in one day.
Kittenandbear 3 weeks
Hi 😊, if you liked or disliked my story. I would love to read your feedback! It would make me really happy! If you want more, please like and follow!
Much love ❤️