Chapter 1 - desire

"So will this heirloom fulfill my wish?"
"Of course, remember you have to be sure of what you want"
"Can there be consequences?"
"The consequences derive only from how you will live this modified reality"
Leaving the bazaar, Frank headed home. It was Christmas Eve and he was looking for a way to change something in his life.
After months of research he had found this small shop that sold objects of occult and magic. He sincerely hoped that this could be the last way to get a reality that he loved: becoming fat. But not a little, no, he wanted to be huge, terribly obese.
In his life he had always been forced by his parents to be active in a competitive way, and for this reason he was what he didn't want. A boy who could look beautiful in the eyes of others, but he wanted to be a non-stop eating machine, with a huge belly, without regretting the pounds taken.
Instead, he was thin.
Despite everything, his life was not bad.
His family loved him, his parents were proud of his achievements and bragged to everyone about their son.
He had a girlfriend, Diana. Blonde with blue eyes, which would have envied everyone. He had been living with her for 2 years and he never stopped loving her.
"Honey, I'm home"
"Frank, finally, I'm glad you're at home. Was it a long day?"
"Absolutely, I'm very tired, I can't wait for tomorrow"
"I guess. Now eat something and then go to sleep"
Frank decided to head for the kitchen. He knew even before checking that he would only find salad and vegetables in his refrigerator and therefore he had no illusions.
"I will eat ...salad..."
The dinner did not last long, Frank just wanted to go to bed.
Before going to sleep he tidied up his jacket and found the heirloom he had taken from the bazaar in his pocket.
He looked closely at that little stone.
"I wish ... I wish ... I wish my life to change. I wish tomorrow my life is that of an obese person ... and that ... everyone agrees with this and participates ... yes everyone must be happy like me! "
After this thought, Frank went to sleep, waiting for the alarm clock for Christmas.
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Balloon 3 years
This story feeds my fantasies! Thank you.
Carson94 4 years
This is really really good