You asked for it

chapter 1

When you arrive at my place I welcome you inside and hug you close, happy to see you. I take your things and have you sit at the dining table. Returning from the kitchen I serve you a large slice of sinfully decadent chocolate cake. You are famished and can't wait to dig in and I tell you to enjoy.

Each bite is unbelievably rich and moist and you surprise yourself with how quickly you clean your plate. I ask if you'd like another slice, but you gratefully decline. Smiling, I take your plate, cut another piece and place the treat in front of you. With mischief in my eyes I ask, "Please?"

You know I like this sort of thing and decide to play along, even though you're not thrilled at what this will mean for your waistline. You once again begin to eat and are amazed at how good it is despite no longer being hungry. With your last bite you sigh in contentment, having enjoyed your shameful indulgence.

I ask if you are full. You nod your head and stifle a dainty burp. I ask if you are sure. You giggle and say yes. I give you a menacing smile and walk behind you, bending down to huskily whisper in your ear, "I don't think so. I think a greedy little girl like you can never be satisfied with just two little pieces of cake. I think you need more... much more."

You laugh and try to deny it, but I grab your shoulders firmly. "You've told me before how much you want for me to dominate you, for me to do as I please. Well, this pleases me and this is how I choose to have my fun." I remove my hands from your shoulders and take your arms and gently pull them behind you. Soon you feel smooth ropes being wrapped around your wrists, snug enough to bind you, but still loose to be comfortable. I take another length of cord and tie your body against the back of the chair, the rope running between your breasts and slightly rounded tummy.

Bringing my mouth back to your ear, I softly growl, "Now you listen to me, you naughty little slut, I am going to stuff your belly until it is big and round and full and you are going to enjoy every moment of it. When I decide that you have finally had enough, I'm going to roll your *** into the bedroom and *** you like an animal." Your heart races at my dominant tone, even though you would not normally consider being fed an act of foreplay, and you become excited at what I'm about to do to you.

I collect the entire remaining cake from the kitchen and place it down on the table before you. I lean in front of you, kiss you deeply, then give you a wicked grin. "Time for your feast. Open wide, my greedy little piggy."
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FrecherTyp 7 years
oh i would let her do it once or twice or maybe three times not nore....;-)