You will never leave

chapter 1

“I’m going to feed you to death. You will never leave this room again, you will never see your family again, you will never walk again. You have no choice in this. You are nothing but a toy to me, and I will use you and abuse you as I see fit.”

Those were the words he told her several years ago, when she first woke up in this hell. She had been out partying, a brand new college freshman at a large state school. Her name was Erika, and she was a gorgeous girl, her perfect body highlighted by her dark brown skin. One minute she was stumbling home from the bars, still getting used to this world of alcohol and underage drinking. The next thing she knew, a man came up behind her and knocked her out, her limp body being picked up and thrown into a van.

She didn’t know where it went, only that when she woke up, she was restrained on a large mattress with a tube in her mouth and the man speaking the aforementioned words to her. She immediately began sobbing, thrashing at her bonds.
She wasn’t breaking free.
A thick paste began to come down from the tube, and since it went directly to her stomach, she could do nothing to stop it. It didn’t stop until she was painfully full, sure that her belly would rip apart at any moment. She began crying some more, not knowing why she was in this situation or who this man was.

The tube was kept in her most hours of the day. Her skinny body slowly became softer, her thighs and hips poking out more and her breasts sagging every day. Her stomach would remain tight and firm after the feedings, but would become softer over time. She knew she was getting fatter, and was powerless to stop it.

A year into her captivity, she was unrecognizable as the person she used to be. And the man liked it that way. Even if she was found, no one would be able to identify her. A petite, 5’3 girl who weighed no more than 110 pounds surely couldn’t be this obese, 800 plus pound blob. Gone were her once large but shapely breasts, turned into sagging sacks of fat that rested to the side of the bed. Her non existent belly turned into a several feet high mountain of stretch marks and rolls, her navel deep enough to lose your arm in. She couldn’t see past it, not that she could move her head much if she wanted to. Numerous chins came off her face, her once plump lips pushed out even more by her jowls, her cheeks making her look like a squirrel with numerous nuts in its mouth.

The man had had her teeth surgically removed when she was smaller, so as to facilitate his feeding mask and tube better. This had an added side effect of making it easier for him to shove his penis past her waiting lips, her jaw too weak from never being used to stop him. She was also too weak to properly suck him off, but he merely had to move her jaw himself, her fat cheeks being easy to manipulate. She would drool out of her lips during this, providing better lube for the man while also giving her the image of a brain dead fuck toy. Which to him, is all she was.

Her thighs were heavier than most people, and far wider than them as well. Her feet were almost swallowed by her ankles, the fat overflowing everything. She didn’t even have enough energy to move her toes, and they even had begun to have fat on them. Her ass, although buried under her body, spread out to the edges of the bed, the widest part of her hips going over the side. The man had to do something about that, as another few months and she’d be too big for the bed. Once or twice a week, he would use the numerous pulleys and tarps he had to flip her body over and expose her back to him. Her back rolls were an expanse of fat, threatening to almost go over her head. Her ass in this position truly showed its size, being well over 100 inches from side to side, possibly more. It stuck out several feet, her crack deep enough that he could put half his body in it. Fucking her in this position was the only way he could reach her vagina. To an outsider, this would look like a man sticking his penis in a shapeless, chocolate colored mound. He would violently slap her ass and thigh fat, her cries of protest falling on deaf ears. He enjoyed hearing her shriek as his hand slapped her again and again, her struggle only making him harder. He would grab her ass fat forcefully as he came, his balls emptying load after load into this immobile cum dumpster of a woman.

Three years into her captivity was playing with house money, as she had suffered two heart attacks already, much to the mans enjoyment. The amount of drugs and medicine she had to be given to keep her alive was horrifying. The man relished in this. Here he had a girl who, at just 21 years old, weighed in excess of 1200 pounds. Why continue feeding her to death while simultaneously keeping her alive longer?

Because he liked the way her fat felt around his penis.

The man would invite others who had a.....passion.....for his work over often, to let them use his toy for a few hours. The heavily tattooed and fit female dominatrix gave Erika her first heart attack....followed by her second almost right away. The mans quick thinking saved the day, but he had to ask, what were those tally marks on the woman’s back for?
“The number of pigs I’ve had. They can only satisfy me for so long.” You’d seen what she was capable of, the video of her sucking off a man who had to be almost a ton into heart failure making its rounds to you. Seeing her seductively lick the cum off her lips as her pig flatlined was quite a sight.

All of this degraded Erika further, her life resigned to being this mans play thing until her body shut down. She was incapable of speech, her vocal chords buried under fat, unusable from not speaking for years. Her fat nose had two tubes feeding air into them, but it was almost for nothing. Her breathing was more like wheezing, never getting enough air for her lungs.
Her body wasn’t even that, just a mass of rolls and flesh that looked closer to a mound of pudding than anything.

It was late in the night when the police had gotten a tip about the location of Erika. Her search had been called off years ago, but this newfound info sprung the cops into action. A large group of reporters caught wind of it too, along with her family, waiting to find their little girl after so long.

The tip took them to a nicer house in a gated community. It was abandoned, until the SWAT team found the door to the basement. They ran downstairs, the reporters and family close behind. To their shock, they found expensive hospital equipment, and.....a large mound? The equipment was hooked up to the mound, which upon further inspection was actually flesh. And a person.
It was Erika.

The family was distraught, not believing this to be their daughter. She was barely over 100 pounds when they last saw her, now she was.....this immobile blob? Upon getting closer, Erika came to, shocked at seeing armed men along with her family and cameras. What was happening? Suddenly, a large screen by her showed a one could believe it. It read 1554 pounds. There was no way this was Erika. Seeing this number and her families shock made her heart beat faster, her breathing becoming rapid. As if on cue, more words appeared on the screen.


A vibrator, hidden deep beneath her rolls, went off. The police didn’t figure it out first, but caught on as her moans began. EMTs rushed to the premises, as her heart rate sky rocketed, along with the pleasure. She didn’t want to cum, the responders frantically trying to stop it, unable to lift her belly to stop her inevitable orgasm. The numerous hands trying to help her didn’t realize each movement on her rolls sent shockwaves of pleasure to her clit, the fat slapping at it as everyone tried to help her. Faster and faster, she could only lay there and listen to the screams of family and friends as she came closer and closer to climax. Numerous men were on her now, lifting up her belly. They were so close now, almost seeing the vibrator in between her rolls. As one EMT rushed to grab it, he accidentally slipped back, causing the other men to drop her belly. The resounding smack sent waves along her body and down into her vagina, sending her over the edge. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she experienced one last orgasm, the last thing she saw were the words on the screen changing.

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