Your successor.

Chapter 1 - prolog

Three years. Three years since Maria was kidnapped and imprisoned. The only way to know how long it took was one of three hanging monitors. The second was just a TV that was supposed to give her some entertainment, and the third one was connected to a camera that packed her body from different sides. And every time she looked at the monitor, her heart began to beat faster with shock. She knew she was big and by what he did she became massive. The whole body covered with stretch marks, the stomach protruding beyond the reinforced bed hanging a few inches above the ground. Her gigantic dripping dripping thighs and buttocks spilling to the sides of the bed, breast hanging like water balloons on either side of her chest. A neck that was one big fold that made it impossible to see straight ahead. It was very difficult for her to look at herself. Through her, she could only look at the monitors and on the ceiling hanging from the ceiling, which went straight to her mouth. The arms so big that her henchman had not had to bind her for so long. Now he can not even move because of fat and lack of muscle. Maria was weak. She survived a miracle two heart attacks but she knew it would not last long. She struggled with her fat for every breath, and from day to day the struggle became heavier. During her thoughts She heard the door opening behind her and the steps toward her.
"I have something special for you," said the person.
Maria knew who it was. It was the same person who kidnapped her. Long-haired blond with gray eyes. At least she remembered him so. It was hard to see her through her head.
"I think you'll like it, but first we'll lower you to my level." - said the kidnaper after he pressed the button and the raised bed began to lower. All this mechanics trying to leave this whale slowly left her whole body waving like fat.
After a few seconds when the bed was no longer falling, Maria saw her kidnapper. He looked the same, has not changed since the kidnapped her.
"I found it and decided to show it to you." The man said and pulled out the photos from his pocket. The photograph that made Maria's fat face began to soften tears. It was a picture of her, her husband, and their daughters Kinga.
"Look what you were then," the man added.
Maria in this photo was not small at all. Although compared to her currently unknown weight over 750kg her 180 in the photo was small.

- Today I'm going to finish your adventure. "He continued. - You see you have to make room for someone new. In the end you will not last long. "The man was circling Marie and playing with her fat folds. Maria tried to keep her head up to see the kidnapper, but it was very heavy.
- That's why I prepared something special for you. You see, a long time ago when it was still possible to get your intimate zone, I installed a vibrator there. Make sure that my new mix that comes in with you and orgasm will make your heart go off. "The man said, staring at Maria's terrified eyes. - And you want to look at your family when you leave this world. "Said the man, attaching a photo of the tube to the tube so that when she was feeding, Maria was staring at her all the time.
So goodbye pig was a pleasure to know you. "He said then went out and closed the door behind him. Maria was broken. The uncontrolled stream of water poured down her face as she looked at the photo. Suddenly under all this layer of fat Mary felt something she has not felt for many years. Vibrations and pleasure. It was very intense. She felt like it would be her first time in her life. Her Heart began to be excited and frightened. She knew it was her end. Liquid rushed from the tube straight into her mouth. Dense and greasy like never before. She felt like the substance began to fill her.Intensity was getting stronger and stronger. And the liquid began to flow faster. Her heart pounded very quickly quickly. She felt every blow. Every blow echoed in her head like a funeral bells. She felt the liquid filled her but it did not stop to flowing as always. It kept flowing. She had to swallow or drown but now the it was not a big difference . She felt pain in her stomach and chest. Finally after a few minutes she got an orgasm. Never before has she felt such orgasm. But a second after it she felt a chest cramp. Her third heart attack. The last heart attack. The world started to go gray. Her dying eyes focused on the picture on her daughter. Her last thought: I failed.
A few minutes later, the man returned to his room to examine his victim. As he watched, he touched her still warm body he wanted him. He found her navel hidden beneath the fat layers and after a few minutes he was playing with Maria's still warm body. It was an orgasm. But when he finished he began to wonder who would be next. Thinking, he looked at Maria's blank eyes and saw a reflection of picture. He took a picture and smiled.
- I guess I found your successor ...
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Chrysophase2003 6 years
It's dark and pleases a type of audience that doesn't get many good stories. I hope it continues.
Nok 6 years
Just read it on DA. Just change her age to 18 and you can post it here too.
Marian8044 6 years
Not to worry. Like I wrote Story will be publish on Deviantart and Here I will let you know when next chapter is up