chapter 1

Zoe had always been a bombshell, ever since she hit puberty shes been the hott popular girl all others were jealous of. Even her live in girlfriend was envious of Zoe's looks. Zoe was 5'6 and 109 pounds, 34B chest, not large, but perky. She also had golden blonde hair that went just past her shoulders and icy blue eyes and perfect unblemished skin. Her girlfriend, Hailey, was pretty hott too, but she always felt envious of Zoe. Hailey had dark brown hair, long to her back, brown eyes, and was only 5'4 and very slender, with a very slender chest as well. Hailey wasn't always so beautiful though, in highschool she had acne and was a little on the chunky side, she was pretty awkward but grew up and into her looks. One of the reasons she was always so envious of Zoe was because she knew Zoe was a bombshell almost her whole life. She says almost because theres a picture of Zoe when she was 12, shes got a plain face and a chubby body, baby fat for sure, but its the biggest Zoe ever was.
"Do you ever wonder how your life would be if you never lost the baby fat," Hailey asked. "Not really, I'm sure I would have anyways," Zoe replied. "You are so lucky, but I just wish you understood what its like to not be so pretty, you can be pretty hurtful in your vanity sometimes," Hailey said.
Zoe looked at herself and felt bad, she didn't mean to hurt Hailey, she couldn't help she lucked into this body, but she wanted to try to understand Hailey's position. That's when Zoe decided to do an experiment and tone down her appearance somehow. "Hailey, what would you think if I let myself go a bit, not for too long, but long enough to experience what it's like being more average?" Hailey smiled, "I think that's so awesome! I can so help giving you ways to do this experiment to fully experience it too!" Zoe was excited, but scared, "Other than gaining a few pounds though how can I really change myself?" Zoe asked Hailey, "Well, we can start by having you eat a lot of greasy foods, that might help alter your skin and hair, we can also rub the grease into your hair and skin to accelerate the effect" Zoe looked in a bit of shock but gulped and agreed to it, they went to McDonalds and ordered way more than Zoe has ever eaten from there, and spent the rest of the night stuffing, drinking, and discussing the experiment.

The next morning Zoe awoke and felt greasy and bloated. As she went into the bathroom she felt compelled to use her proactive as was her morning routine, but it wasn't in the cabinet. A pair of thick black framed glasses were in it's place, Zoe splashed her face with water, put on the glasses and went out into the living room where she smelled breakfast. "Hey their tubs, making you a big breakfast, afterwards just lay down on the couch, I have to work in a bit so you stay home snacking" Hailey said. Zoe entered the room and in front of the couch was a huge stack of pancakes smothered in butter and maple syrup and a plate with at least a whole pound of bacon on it. Hailey saved the grease and thought, "Maybe if she puts this on like lotion it will help speed things up, miss perfect complexion needs her first breakout" And then Hailey left. Zoe worked her way through her meal, it was almost too much for her and she wound up take a nap till her belly felt better, but after she woke she had the munchies. Lucky for her the side of the couch was stocked full of potato chips and candy. The day went by in a blur for Zoe, she wasn't used to just laying around on the couch eating, but she sure could get used to it. Later her door bell rings, "Pizza delivery" some guy says, "But I didn't order pizza?" Zoe asked with him saying, "Says it's from Hailey, theres a note with it." Zoe grabbed the pizza and sat back at the couch to read the note, "Hey tubs, thought you might need something other than chips for lunch, this pizza is the greasiest place I know, enjoy it!" Zoe looked down at the pizza and for sure saw all the grease, but she started eating it anyway. Next thing she knew the box was empty and she then driffted off to sleep in front of the tv. Later Hailey woke her up for dinner, Zoe had a tiny food belly that excited Hailey, but she didn't think she'd gain enough for the experiment, so while she was at work she found called her friend that does movie makeup to borrow a fat suit, she still wanted Zoe to gain as much as she could though so she waited to mention the suit. She did bring home more pizza and sat there watching her sexy girlfriend devour it, her hair not even brushed from the night before, wearing thick glasses and no makeup, she thought to herself, "Few breakouts and pounds and this isn't a girl I would date" Hailey and Zoe had quite a few drinks that night and Hailey brought over the now congealed bacon fat. It wasn't hard to convince the drunk girl to smear it all over her face and hair, she then fell asleep on the couch so Hailey just left her there.

Zoe continued to eat like this for the next two weeks, her hair becoming less shiny and more dulled. Zoe also started just throwing it back in a messy bun and not taking good care of it, it lost some of it's blonde and started looking more of a very light brunette. Her complexion grew very shiny and without using proactive at all small pimples started to form. Today specifically she woke up with her cheeks broken out. Normally this would have made a girl like her flip out, but it meant the experiment was working! "Soon," she thought, "I'll look average and chunky and can just live it and experience what Hailey went through." Her eating habits and loss of exercise worked out for her in the form of 20 new pounds, but at 129 she was still as slim as ever. Hailey looked at her though and though, "Wow, she really isn't my type anymore, other than being skinny still, she still does have a hot body, I think it's time for the fat suit" Hailey mentioned it to Zoe and she thought it was a good idea, that way she didn't have to gain too much weight. The fat suit added about 80 pounds to Zoe, and it wasn't just in shape but it actally was weighted too to give a more realistic experience. Looking in the mirror Zoe was stunned. Who was this girl, this is a whole knew person. Her confidence dropped seeing herself and she got nervous about going in public this way. That day went on like usual and they had many drinks that night. After quite a few Hailey let some thoughts slip out, "You know Zoe, if you looked like that when we met, we wouldn't be together" Zoe laughed, "Yea, I was thinking that myself." Hailey looked down and then said, "Well, what if for the experiment, I move into the spare room, we pretend we've never been a couple, just roomates, so you can fully experience this" Zoe thought for a second and agreed but Hailey added, "You have to understand, I will be dating others and bringing them back to my room and stuff, and possibly you will too, the suits designed to mimic a real body so they might not notice if you get that far." Zoe thought again and then said, "Well it's just an experiment, all this is going away once I experience this life, so ok, let's do it"
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Karenjenk 4 years
I like this.
I hope you continue.
other than gaining 7 lbs in one week its realistic.
Thanks for writing!
PilsburyDoug... 4 years
Haha, no, just a fantasy i like to imagine
Johnxyz 4 years
Is this autobiographical at all?