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extreme padding?7 months

I never realized this was a thing. I guess I would consider myself an ex-pro padder. Before I had a belly of my own, my fake "fat belly", that is realistic enough to wear in public, started with a silicone pregnant belly costume (check eBay, it was about $100 though). They weigh a lot, are jiggly like fat, perfect belly shape complete with belly button. The only thing is the straps blow- I had a shoulder strap break causing my belly to sag once. Lol
To solve that problem and hold the thing in place, I used a bra-less spandex slimming top thing.
I wanted to experience "fat humiliation" before I gained weight, and would go to a mall, usually the next town over so I wouldn't risk running into someone I know, and hit up all the places to get snacks and wander around stuffing myself.
Now I can just wear an old shirt smiley

You should definitely write a short story about this!

Also, do you still have the fake belly? have you tried wearing it since you grew one of your own? 😛

extreme padding?7 months

You should definitely write a short story about this!

Also, do you still have the fake belly? have you tried wearing it since you grew one of your own? 😛

I've been thinking about writing something, I may start on that soon. ☺

I do, and I have. I've had quite a large appetite the past few months and since it wraps around your stomach with a big velcro belt, it's harder to eat a lot.

extreme padding?7 months

Was it worth it? I've looked into buying one of them previously and I'd love the feeling of a big jiggly belly under my shirt.

Or maybe I'll just have to make mine bigger the old fashioned way.

IMO, yes. I had a stick figure build my whole life but always wanted to try a big round belly. I was also scared to let anyone know that (family and friends are mostly health nuts), so it was quite exhilarating to be able to put it on and experience the part of being fat that I desired, but not have it affect my very active lifestyle.
I hurt my ankle recently which has slowed me down quite a bit, and my over eating is starting to show. I definitely like the real one better, but if you can't gain weight but would like to experience the feeling, want to occasionally be fatter but worry about the heath risks, or role playing, I definitely recommend it. They are very realistic.

But, don't let that stop you from eating 😉

extreme padding?3 months

So a few weeks ago I picked up one of these;

Being in the UK it was a bit cheaper than the US.

This is basically an apron you'd put on over your neck, with a velcro strap to hold it in place around the waist. The padding is just foam strips, which is fine if you're only planning to use it once but for my purposes it wasn't quite authentic enough.

It was easy enough to cut the vest open without doing too much damage, remove the foam and slip a cushion inside there. The waist strap stops it sliding around, and the result is a pretty convincing and impressive belly. There's a crease running down the front of the vest which is sometimes visible when wearing tighter clothing, so I might experiment with getting another layer of the top to hide it, but all in all this is a pretty effective padding tool.

Didn't have a chance to take pics while wearing it, maybe soon!
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