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Growhappy 11 hours ago
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Tfw you're so bloated, if you went out people would ask when you're due.
Growhappy 23 hours ago
Noticing new things as I gain, like:
Getting out of breath more easily.
Thick rolls appearing along my middle if I even slight bend forward and in my side if I stand with one hip cocked.
Pants are harder to get on by the day... May have to go up a size.
Rustydog7 21 hours ago
I love all those things.
timportlon 15 hours ago
Can you tell us how did you expand your appetite? Or is that a state secret? :o
bellyafic... 11 hours ago
You can extend the life of your pants by a little while by using a rubber band to fasten them. Pro tip. smiley
Growhappy 2 days ago
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Day 18 (115lbs) vs Day 24 (118.6)
The change is definitely undeniable this time, especially in my waistline.
Growhappy 2 days ago
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Growhappy 2 days ago
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Midnight Snack
Growhappy 2 days ago
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re: Any other lesbians on here?
fatcycler 3 days ago
Do that for a week and it will pay out lol
CallBR549 2 days ago
Do everything you are doing, and add a glass of heavy whipping cream with chocolate syrup morning and night. If you make this a daily routine you should not expect any plateaus.
flufs 2 days ago
Whenever you gain fat your body has to expend more calories to feed the fat cells. So adjust accordingly
Jazzman 2 days ago
Be sure the majority of the calories are carbs and fats with lean protein coming third
chubbyhoney 2 days ago
It takes over 3500 calories to gain a pound, so unless you eat significantly more extra calories than you are now you won't see a daily gain.
soylentlilac 19 hours ago
Your metabolism may be rising to handle the extra calories. Keep stretching your capacity and you'll be able to increase the excess, overwhelming anything your body can do to hold you back.
Growhappy 3 days ago
The more my stomach stretches, allowing me to eat more at each stuffing session, I've noticed that it gets more and more difficult to move once in stuffed.
My breathing has become more labored when full, skin tighter and I just don't want to stand and if I must do so it feels difficult.
Dailyspadez 3 days ago
You'll get used to it , I promise
PiGirLover 3 days ago
It's a bit unusual at first, but you get through it eventually. The more you sit or lay after eating, the more it will turn into fat.
Growhappy 4 days ago
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Moving Right Along
Growhappy 5 days ago
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