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goddessta... 11 months ago
anyone near north east corner of Ohio?
Chiconut 11 months ago
I love the sexiness of a large woman. The sex appeal of her gaining weight and becoming softer with more cellulite and rolls melts me. I love the smell of an extremely large woman.....sweaty. dimples and cellulite are my weakness. I am EXTREMELY sexual and love pleasuring a woman. I love making her squirt and drinking every drop of her juices.... I love my mouth filled. Nothing sexier than being smothered between huge ass cheeks as she spreads em wide allowing my tongue deeper in her ass. I find KINKIER the better and have few limits. No kids or animals. About it!

I definitely want to get to know you A LOT better.


reggieman 10 months ago
Is Cleveland close enough?
fattopflyer 6 months ago
Your very beautiful & sexy, I wish I lived close
1peterpan... 6 months ago
never tried anything like this but your lovely apron is tantalizing me can you handle an athletic older man?
try 1peterpan1976 at gmx.com if so...
looking4m... 5 months ago
How about erie, beautiful?
goddessta... 5 years ago
anyone near north east corner of Ohio?
buzzinbad... 11 months ago
Kik buzzinbadger1 Skype feedher123 if you fancy a chat
goddessta... 6 years ago
nighty night all! <3 xxoo
goddessta... 6 years ago
anyone in ohio willing to attend a meet and greet near cleveland or even not ohio folk, anyone! please message me so I can get some ideas flowing! especially all the sexy ladies on here! can't be
goddessta... 6 years ago
tubby! good day ! I really want to talk about an OHIO meet and greet near cleveland airport. there is an old day's inn that used to host BBW parties. I have a friend on it to find out more so I wi
goddessta... 6 years ago
i was thinking cleveland near the airport so some could fly in if they wanted
goddessta... 6 years ago
devin I am in ashtabula about 50 miles from akron maybe less
goddessta... 6 years ago
and the gc curse would be??? the trots? lol that just makes room for more food LOL
goddessta... 6 years ago
hello russian princess! you look very yummy soft in your pic but you have too much clothing on! LOL
goddessta... 6 years ago
oh yeah, i'm thinking ryan's or home town or what's the one with the chocolate fountain? YUMMY!!!
goddessta... 6 years ago
tubby message me so we can talk AUCE buffet lol
goddessta... 6 years ago
LOL Tubby, you a buckeye??? I been thinking of a get together in neohio... you know any other nuts that would be down with that?
goddessta... 6 years ago
fluffy hunt in pack as in I am poly... i like to have as many nice fat men & women around me as I can keep up with !
goddessta... 6 years ago
mmmmm cookies.... oreos for me!
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