6 months
Katsuo came to America for opportunity. Not to learn and grow, but to grow someone else. A cute coffee boy catches his eye, and he can't wait to ruin him... (dark, m/m, gas)
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Jed answers the phones at the Escort Service. Until one day . . .
2816 views, 12 likes, 3 comments
A young gay guy on the cusp of immobility discovers his feeder boyfriend has a dominant side
4559 views, 9 likes, 3 comments
Julia's my girlfriend. But her brother caught my eye.
3516 views, 11 likes, 1 comment
Why rent? Buy! Built for the young man who's bound to grow.
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A fantasy about me! I find a couple of friends at a local bakery and they soon discover what I'm into, so they start to blow me up like a balloon!
3112 views, 17 likes, 4 comments
This is a story of how a top archery shooter becomes a ex shooter
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7 years
male X male weightgain... Cole and Joshua share a course in college and figure out they have mutual feelings for one another...
10154 views, 5 likes, 6 comments
Tommy Visits his aunt uncle and cousins and their eating habits spread to him. (Inspired By the Story Brothers)
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2 years
Two highschool Jocks ryan and matt fatten up.
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