Weight gain stories

Nice and plump  

Daisy agrees to gain five pounds only to find it’s easier to gain than she thought. Her boyfriends praise and some bad influences give her little motivation to fight it.   More ▼

The contract  

[STORY COMPLETE] Kate's family has always been fat, but when they make a deal with a demon that they'll fatten up someone else in exchange for becoming thin, Kate isn't sure if her conscious - or her heart - will let her go through with it.   More ▼


Henry is given a completaly new life thanks to a spur of the moment decision   More ▼

Sorority sister sabotage  

Sarah has had enough! After being teased and ridiculed by her sorority president for being overweight, she decides that she's going to get revenge by making HER the fat one...   More ▼

The things we do for love  

Anne might seem like an ordinary skinny suburban housewife but she has always carried a "heavy" secret: Anne wants to be so fat that she's completely immobile. Now that the kids are finally out of the house, she won't let anything stop her from achieving   More ▼

Freeing the trainer  

COMPLETE - Alan has been going to the same gym to keep fit for years now, and considers his trainer Tracy to be a good friend, or perhaps a secret crush. But when an odd encounter reveals her true desires, he makes it his life's mission to set her free   More ▼

Creampuff compliance  

A mother who is impossible to please has her daughters living in fear of her next scolding or tantrum. That is, until one of them finds out she has a bit of a sweet tooth...   More ▼

Don’t deny the boss  

COMPLETED Adam has an interesting problem. His Boss is in love with him, but he is faithful to his current girlfriend. But when his boss begins to satisfy a fetish his girlfriends can't, he'll find that faith tested.   More ▼


A gluttony demon/ghost possesses a girl to satisfy its need to experience fullness. Jade is slightly conflicted about letting the demon posses her friend.   More ▼

The girl behind the counter  

David is an athletic college stud with a serious crush on the curvy "dream girl" behind the counter at his local Italian restaurant. Sure, she's a little bit on the chubby side, and David is a little biased against heavier people, but he's still more than   More ▼
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