Girlfriend weight gain stories

Nice and plump  

Daisy agrees to gain five pounds only to find it’s easier to gain than she thought. Her boyfriends praise and some bad influences give her little motivation to fight it.   More ▼

The contract  

[STORY COMPLETE] Kate's family has always been fat, but when they make a deal with a demon that they'll fatten up someone else in exchange for becoming thin, Kate isn't sure if her conscious - or her heart - will let her go through with it.   More ▼

Crime brulee in: a delectable deliverance  

BW City's favorite chubby-chasing super-crook is back in an all-new adventure featuring hijinks, harems, romance, robbery, and loads and loads of weight gain! (COMPLETE)   More ▼

A fattening honeymoon  

Kelsey underwent a strict diet to fit into her wedding dress. Little does she know that her husband has very different plans and is about to undo all of her achievements on a 14 days all-inclusive cruise honeymoon.   More ▼

Glances part one: cami  

Please help me decide which story should continue on! Glances Part One: Cami Cami's volleyball career is in jeopardy when she starts to gain weight.   More ▼

A big surprise  

Parker returns home from a three-month work trip to find that his wife Stella has a BIG surprise for him.   More ▼


Bri is a beauty influencer who has worked hard to curate her brand around her looks. But when she meets Nikki who encourages her to enjoy more off life off the internet, she finds she begins enjoying it too much as her waistline starts to expand.   More ▼

Piper is putting on pounds  

Piper did an online variety show, Perry was a fan, but what happens when a variety turns to a singular focus? See what happens when the two find each other and find themselves. My attempt at being just a little realistic despite Piper having a show.   More ▼

Captured and force fed by the sheikh  

Tennis pro Tessa meets Khalid at her last tournament in Dubai. They instantly have chemistry. But to be the woman of his dreams and a successful Model in Dubai, Tessa has to gain. Also rich Khalid has no scruples to force her. Will Tessa subordinate?   More ▼

Breaking the mold (premium edition)  

(Completed!) The continuations of Enya and Isolde's story with plenty of additions. Cover by SilverPathfinder. Check out their artwork on Deviantart!!   More ▼
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