A big surprise


Chapter 1

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Parker fished the keys in his back pocket and sighed before opening the front door.

They'd had a fight before he left for his work trip. Nothing too serious, but he felt bad, especially when his two weeks away turned into a month, and a month turned into three. His company didn't even allow him to return home for the weekends.

And now he was coming home to his wife, hopefully to patch things up. They'd been talking on the phone, of course, and things seemed to be fine between them, but it would be the first time they'd be seeing each other after the fight. He just hoped they were as okay as Stella made it seem on her texts and calls.

"Honey, I'm hom—"

"Hi!" Stella said, jumping from the couch and coming to greet him. She was smiling and immediately hugged him, bags in his hand and all. So it seemed they were fine. "How was the trip?" She stepped away to take a better look at him.

She was grinning, seeming genuinely happy to see him, and wearing one of his old baggy jumpers from college which he loved seeing on her—especially since Parker was a tall guy and Stella was only 5'2, so it always looked adorably big on her, almost reaching her knees.

Her brown hair was down, her green eyes shining, and her cheeks seemed a bit flustered, her face a bit puffy—maybe she'd been napping before he arrived—, and she was just so cute he couldn't help but kiss her.

"It was great. I'm really tired, though," he said, stepping away. "And I missed you so bad."

"I missed you too, baby."

"I'm starving. How about I take a shower while you order us some takeout so we can snuggle up on the couch together?" He suggested.

"That sounds great!"

Stella headed off to the kitchen, probably to grab her phone. It was winter in New York City, and so the couch had many blankets on it. Parker noticed Friends was streaming on the TV and a couple empty takeout bags and candy wrappers were scattered across the floor and coffee table as he passed the hallway towards their bedroom. Huh.

He took a quick shower and put on some comfy clothes, then found his wife waiting for him under the blankets on the couch, a huge smile on her face making her cheeks look swollen.

"I ordered Chinese," she told him.

"Sounds great."

Parker sat next to Stella and she leaned her head on his chest, so he put his arm around her shoulders, barely paying any mind to the fact that they seemed slightly chunkier.

They watched and laughed at the episode, and when the food arrived, he was surprised to see the quantity.

"Baby, I'm hungry, but I'm not that hungry," he joked, still a bit flattered she worried about him.

"It's okay. Eat whatever you want and if there's leftovers, we can have them for lunch tomorrow," Stella reasoned.

He dug into the lo mein noodles like a starved man, but was soon full. He guessed Stella was eating slower than him, because she was still going at it way after he'd finished, very concentrated on the show. Parker smiled at her, thinking about how much he'd missed her, finding it cute how she absently chewed on the pieces of chicken.

Wait, Parker thought. I thought she'd been eating fried rice.

He looked around, finding the large box empty on the floor. Two, actually. Along with another one of lo mein. She finished the chicken and put the empty container next to the also empty plate of spring rolls. He could've sworn there were like 25 of them.

Jesus. She must have been starving.

Stella took a big gulp of coke, and accidentally let out a big burp. She looked back at Parker, blushing a bit, but he just laughed it off and she relaxed against him.

A couple minutes later, he was getting a bit uncomfortable. His arm which she'd leaned on was losing feeling, as was his chest, so he wiggled a bit, trying to reposition himself.

But Stella removed herself completely, looking back at him as she muted the TV. Her wicked grin gave her away—Parker loved that grin, because he knew exactly what it meant.

She kissed him like she'd missed him the way he'd missed her, holding him close to her. He was so glad they were okay and that fight was left in the past. He just wanted to be with his wife and compensate for the months they'd been apart.

Soon, kissing wasn't enough.

Parker moved his hands from her shoulders to her waist, his mind still not processing the different feel of it as he pulled her to his lap. But then, as she straddled him, it hit him.

Her body felt different. He couldn't actually see it with her wearing his baggy clothes, but he could feel it on his legs. She wasn't exactly heavy on his lap. At least, not unbearably so. But she was definitely heavier. He was a fit guy, and he used to be able to carry her without a single grunt, so light that she was. But now, he wasn't sure he'd be able to even get up with her in his arms as easily.

Was she...?

He pulled back to try to make sense of it, trying to look down at her, but Stella was ravenous, assaulting his mouth like she'd been dying for it. He wasn't complaining. He was even almost oblivious to the sounds her stomach was making as she started grinding on him.

The sudden considerable weight on his groin was enough friction to wake his body, and his cock began to rapidly stiffen against her. She moaned into his mouth as she felt it, and he shuddered at the sound.

"Stella," he moaned.

"Parker, I missed you so much," she said in between kisses, "and I missed your body, your fingers, your cock in me. I've been horny 24/7 since you left."

Parker groaned, feeling himself harden even more at her words. God, his wife was just... ugh. Perfect.

He removed his shirt and started to pull at her clothes, trying to get rid of them. He needed to feel her, feel her skin against his, her tiny waist on his big hands, her lean, soft, petite body against his hard one.

She didn't give him time to appreciate it, though, and as soon as his jumper was off her, leaving her only in her bra and pants, she attacked his mouth again.

Parker held her tight against him, pressing her against his cock, needing the friction, but he quickly found himself halting, his brain quite puzzled as his fingers found her wider waist and... sunk into it.

He pulled back, looking down at her belly.

"What is it, honey?" She murmured, confused at his sudden stop.

He could barely hear her.

His mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that those were rolls his fingers had been digging into. Large, soft ones. Framing an enlarged, bulging tummy. Her slightly plumper breasts almost resting on it.

His eyes were wide as he brought his hand to the front, finding it hard and distended. Stuffed, under the layers of soft fat.

His wife. His perfect wife. She'd gotten so... fat.

Okay, maybe that wasn't the word for it. But she was chubby. To her standard, heavily so. Extremely, extra chubby.

He couldn't take his eyes off of it. The amount of new fat encompassing her previous small, slim body. The waistline of her once baggy sweatpants digging into her hips, forming once inexistent love handles.
Her bigger belly button, pressed tight under the heavier upper stomach.

"What the hell happened to you?" He whispered, so shocked, more to himself than to her.

As if in response, her stomach gurgled, as if complaining of how much she'd overdone it.

Parker finally looked up at her, finally taking notice of her chubbier cheeks, the almost imperceptible portion of fat accumulated under her chin. Stella stared at him, confused at first, but as the angry gurgling sounds grew too loud to ignore, she blushed, looking away, suddenly seeming self-conscious as she crossed her arms over herself.

Which only made her bigger boobs look bigger, riding up to engorge her bust in soft fat.

Parker suddenly got up, pulling her to the side before getting to his feet. His head was spinning. His cock was hardening. His mind filling with inexplicable rage. He didn't know what the hell was going on with him.

He looked down at his wife, now sitting on the couch, pathetically trying to cover up the evidence of her late self-indulgence. There was no way to do it, though. There was just too much proof of it. Without him under her, the couch made her body sink down further into it, so her love handles looked even larger and her rolls overlapped, encompassing her whole stomach now.

He was disgusted. He was aroused.

He was trying to figure out how the hell did that happen.

How did she gain so much weight in only three months? She fucking ballooned!

"Parker..." she started.

"No," he cut her off. "Not doing this."

He went back to their bedroom and slammed the door shut.
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Bigboi123 7 months
Loving the story so far would love to see them both keep gaining but I like this where’s he’s growing faster than Stella maybe hit more teasing on her end and more lack of control on his!
Kstar 7 months
If possible, Stella getting pregnant would be awesome. Would really seal the deal on her gain. I honestly think seeing her get to 4/500+ would be sweet.
Tomfromdownu... 10 months
This was perfect