Indulgent weight gain stories


Switching seats

Kelly is deeply dissatisfied with her roommate Jane’s behaviour as she keeps getting fatter. When she decides to take matters into her hands, their lives begin to change. A story inspired by a comic made by Better-with-Salt   More ▼

Creampuff compliance  

A mother who is impossible to please has her daughters living in fear of her next scolding or tantrum. That is, until one of them finds out she has a bit of a sweet tooth...   More ▼

A fattening honeymoon  

Kelsey underwent a strict diet to fit into her wedding dress. Little does she know that her husband has very different plans and is about to undo all of her achievements on a 14 days all-inclusive cruise honeymoon.   More ▼

Glances part one: cami  

Please help me decide which story should continue on! Glances Part One: Cami Cami's volleyball career is in jeopardy when she starts to gain weight.   More ▼

A big surprise  

Parker returns home from a three-month work trip to find that his wife Stella has a BIG surprise for him.   More ▼

Piper is putting on pounds  

Piper did an online variety show, Perry was a fan, but what happens when a variety turns to a singular focus? See what happens when the two find each other and find themselves. My attempt at being just a little realistic despite Piper having a show.   More ▼

The roommates

Two thin and attractive roommates, Rachel and Lexi, make fun of an overweight woman at their gym. She then gives the two girls a taste of their own medicine.   More ▼

The felony  

A shady bank teller is caught embezzling money and sentenced to one year in prison. His lawyer then come up with an ingenious plan to reduce his or her sentence.   More ▼


Surfer girl

My life changed the day I pick-up the cute hitchhiking surfer girl. A sweet romance about body acceptance, positive self esteem, fat appreciation and of course weight gain. Oh with a lot of sex. A lot.   More ▼
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