BDSM weight gain stories

Earning my tuition  

Sarah took part in a medical study for the summer. In return, the company agreed pay her college tuition for the coming year. She unwittingly allowed them to place her in a coma for a month and when she woke, her body was changed.   More ▼


The felony  

A shady bank teller is caught embezzling money and sentenced to one year in prison. His lawyer then come up with an ingenious plan to reduce his or her sentence.   More ▼

Big bellied bully  

Teven spends his schools years tormented by a big belly BBW bully Nicole. After graduation Nicole falls on hard times and gets into sex work. Teven uses this as an opportunity to satisfy his kinks and also get revenge on his high school bully.   More ▼

Punishment in the year 2050  

Big, fat, faker

After noticing something rather suspicious about his favorite gainer girl a once devoted fan decides to not only expose one of the most famous gainer girls of being a faker, but to take over her once normal life in the process.   More ▼


Mary tales: savoring ashley - vol. 2  

[COMPLETE] In "savoring ashley" Ashley's life spirals into an eating-for-debt cycle with the mysterious Money4Food app. The narrative explores consequences, introduces the enigmatic Mary, and teases themes of indulgence.   More ▼

Mary tales: shaping kate: vol. 3  

[COMPLETE] "Shaping Kate: Vol. 3" In this climactic chapter, Mary's malevolent desires sculpt Kate's once delicate frame into a captivating figure, blurring boundaries in a saga of wicked passions.   More ▼

Fattening her prey

Rachel, a chubby mid 20's girl, joins the gym in hope of losing her pesky childhood weight. What she didn't account for was a regular gym member keeping tabs on her, until it was far too late...   More ▼
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