Immobile weight gain stories


Creampuff compliance  

A mother who is impossible to please has her daughters living in fear of her next scolding or tantrum. That is, until one of them finds out she has a bit of a sweet tooth...   More ▼

Their chemistry was dangerous - updated nov 2023

STORY COMPLETE NOV 2023. It just clicked when we met. I had never dated someone so gorgeous, with such a massive appetite. But our happy bubble blinded us, and made us ignore comments from friends and family as she got fatter and fatter...   More ▼

Feeding island resorts

A billionaire bought an island and built a feederism themed resort. Follow Dan, Kim and Joe, three feeder friends that embarked on the journey of their dreams... or at least they thought so (both Male and female WG)   More ▼

[commission] her perfect pig  

COMPLETE! A disastrous flight over the Bermuda Triangle lands Theo on a tropical island. The native islanders are welcoming and friendly -- but not so gentle. A beautiful woman and her accomplices force fatten him into the hog of her dreams!   More ▼

Bad habits

Oliver quits running cross country and finds himself in a confusing and dark relationship with his best friend's brother. Dylan is good at manipulating Oliver and preying on his weaknesses making him unhealthy and immobile.   More ▼

Struggling streamer

Jake is a burnt out corporate type ready to dive into the world of streaming. Problem is, no one wants to watch. When he gets a suspicious offer from a food company promising to make him get big, things prove interesting.   More ▼

Emily: p.o.v - 620 pounds

[CHAPTERS 11 - 21 ADDED] *contains explicit sex* A glimpse of Emily’s life when she weighed a mere 620 pound! Contains lots of gluttony and explicit sex in later chapters. I would recommend reading ‘Rise Of Emily’ first   More ▼

The rise of emily

[CHAPTERS 87 -92 ADDED] A young jealous boy called Tom secretly fattens his girlfriend Emily up. Warning includes extreme weight gain, slob and explicit sex in later chapters   More ▼


Humans must keep settling new towns in order to survive. A young, fit woman's life is changed forever when she is assigned the worst possible Role for her town. But is it as bad as it seems?   More ▼

Moms are role models

Emma grew up adoring her mom and spending a lot of time with her mom. She had the best mom in the world, and the most beautiful mom. Emma never seen her mom under 300 lbs. So weighing over 300 lbs as an 18 year old girl was nothing but normal to Emma   More ▼
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